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Psychosis Ebola: Fear To Die For........... and Our Communist friend Dr Margaret Chan & Co

Psychosis Ebola: Fear To Die For
Knowing that there is no vaccine (What? Yet? But take heart, we will soon see one invented) Official treatment against this disease, it seems that we want to kill people through fear Currently ... the American media now is triggering psychosis. What really, knowing that this is yet another manipulation of the elite? This viral disease also called "Ebola", which affects humans and great apes, was listed for the first time in 1976 in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) near the Ebola River. Some small local outbreaks occur here and there. By 2014, we talk of Ebola in the month of March with case reporting in Africa (Republic of Guinea). Since then, other African countries are affected, such as Sierra Leone (just south of Guinea), Liberia and Nigeria.
What you need to know about Ebola, Incubation between 2 and 21 days'contamination by bodily fluids (and NOT airborne,yet!) Symptoms (for those who have a weakened immune system): high fever, weakness, muscle aches, headache, sore throat in the early days. Then, vomiting, diarrhea, skin inflammation, internal and external bleeding (even in the vessels of the eye). The judgment of kidney function and liver results in death. No vaccine to date. Treatment: officially no known cure. But alternative medicine offers solutions as colloidal silver, magnesium chloride, vitamin C and high dose essential oils, among others. The important thing is not to "die of fright" ... Jane Burgermeister (the courageous woman who exposed the scam of H1N1 swine flu in 2009, filed a complaint against the Austrian government and wrote a long letter to the Communist Chinese Director of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan) writes a blog (in English,
) with a follow up of this Ebola case. 
 Jane is convinced that the whole story is a huge covert operation, which does not surprise us in the least. few headers Blog Posts in chronological order, which can be used to connect the dots: - 22 July: A Official member of WHO, Glenn Thomas, he was killed in the crash of the MH 17 because he wanted to expose the manipulations of WHO? Jane in 2009 corresponded by email with this person. She thinks Thomas became aware of the manipulation around pandemic influenza and Ebola and wanted to report it. She had also sent her an email 3 April 2014 asking for information about the Ebola outbreak in Guinea. US promotes quarantine and vaccination plan - July 24: Sierra Leone shut the American laboratory of biological weapons (founded and funded by George Soros) in Kenema in the middle of an epidemic Ebola and stopped all the tests for Ebola Tulane University The Government of Sierra Leone no longer seeks to combat orchestrated Ebola outbreak, suggesting that the diagnosis of Ebola is wrong or manipulated. - July 28: The mainstream media CNN promotes an experimental vaccine George Soros wants to install "centers of solidarity" in Greece. Is it him that Ebola will enter this country? - July 29: What happened to the spokesman of WHO Glenn Thomas? Forensic experts have identified the first victim of the crash of MH 17 when several passports were found at the scene of the crash, some of which had expired. Passports are in perfect condition. There is a huge body of evidence that the crash was staged, calling the question of what happened to the spokesman of WHO Glenn Thomas and AIDS researchers who would have died in the crash, s' There was no crash? British physicians were warned to prepare for Ebola The Office of Public Health England sent letters to doctors urging them to watch for the warning signs of Ebola .. . - July 30: A week after the New York Times wonders why it is not known Ebola, Infowars Zerohedge and do the same thing and Infowars Zerohedge are on the same page as the mainstream media to make a hype about the Ebola pandemic and the agenda of martial law health. Far from ignoring the Ebola, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has activated its center in July of emergency in preparation for martial law, mass arrests, a forced vaccination and operations quarantine. What the CDC, Infowars, Zerohedge and the New York Times do not know, these are the facts and documents showing that Ebola has been rumored as a biological weapon by the United States government and is spread by the same government . - July 31: The USA will test an experimental vaccine against Ebola - August 4: New York hosted Friday the largest exercise of surprise emergency maneuvers for a biological attack The Department of Health has led the largest maneuver Emergency New York's history to test drug delivery in the event of a biological attack. American government has "patented" virus Ebola Up But do not give in to fear, is the goal.

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