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Ambassdor Luo Zhaohui Met Premier and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario [What happy peeps they were!]

Ambassdor Luo Zhaohui Met Premier and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

(From Chinese Embassy in Canada)

On March 24th, Ambassador Luo Zhaohui met Ms. Kathleen Wynne. The two sides exchanged views on China-Canada bilateral relations, in particular, bilateral financial cooperation, major projects cooperation and provincial exchanges between Ontario and relevant Chinese provinces. Ambassador Luo also paid a courtesy call to Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Ms. Elizabeth Dowdeswell. The two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations.
Chinese Consul-General in Toronto Mr Xue Bing, Minister Counselor of Chinese Embassy Mr. Wang Wentian, Minister Counselor for economic and commercial affairs Yu Benlin attended the meetings.

Mixed reaction as B.C. prepares to open doors under 10-year federal immigration plan

Mixed reaction as B.C. prepares to open doors under 10-year federal immigration plan

OTTAWA — B.C. will receive between 39,000 and 42,000 immigrants and refugees annually under the Trudeau government’s ambitious plan unveiled Monday to bring in a minimum 300,000 newcomers to Canada annually.
The federal Liberal government had already declared its intention to reach the 300,000 threshold this year, which if achieved would mark the first time since just before the First World War that the total number of immigrants and refugees hit that mark.
Immigration Minister John McCallum said Monday it will be the target again for 2017 — and become a “baseline” for subsequent years.
That terminology suggested to Vancouver immigration lawyer Richard Kurland, an expert on federal policy, that the federal Liberals are setting the stage for even bigger increases in coming years — to at least 360,000 (one per cent of Canada’s population, which was a little over 36 million in 2016).
McCallum touted the benefits of his plan to Canada’s economy, and the response from some B.C. groups was positive, though one policy critic said the Liberal plan is more about winning votes in immigrant communities.
“The 2017 levels plan will put Canada in a strong position for the future and support our overall economic and social development as a country,” McCallum said in a statement.
The 2017 total is made up of an estimated 172,500 economic immigrants, primarily skilled workers and professionals.
Another 84,000 will be “family” reunification applicants such as spouses, children, parents, and grandparents. The remainder will comprise 40,000 refugees and 3,500 people admitted on “humanitarian and compassionate” grounds.
In 2016 the target was 160,600 from the economic class, 80,000 from family class, 55,800 refugees, and 3,500 under the “humanitarian and compassionate” category.
While McCallum noted that he’s increasing the number of economic class immigrants in 2017 compared to 2016, in fact the Liberals intend to essentially match the former government’s total number of economic immigrants accepted in 2015, which came to 170,384.
B.C.’s business community had a lukewarm reaction to the figures, noting that the government hasn’t responded adequately to the need for more skilled foreign workers.
The target for economic class immigrants “falls a little bit short of what we’d like to see,” said Ken Peacock, chief economist for the Business Council of B.C.
“Our member companies continue to report a large level of difficulty hiring people, and an increasing need to look to overseas markets for top talent.”
B.C. Chamber of Commerce President Val Litwin said a strong immigration policy is “vital” for the economy as retirements start outpacing the number of Canadian youth entering the job market.
While he said the increase in economic immigration over last year is a “good sign”, he urged the government to maintain a priority on bringing in skilled workers.
“Where we must maintain focus is on ensuring we have sufficient infrastructure to receive these newcomers, get them job ready with the right training and commit to solving the issue of foreign credential certification at the provincial level.”
Kurland said the business community shouldn’t fret, since the government’s relatively new “express entry” system — which focuses primarily on recruiting workers already in Canada, like foreign students and temporary foreign workers — is making the process of bringing in economic migrants far more efficient.
Manpreet Grewal, who deals with immigration and refugee settlement issues at Abbotsford Community Services, said she’s happy with the numbers and said the total for B.C. is “manageable” by groups like hers.
However, like Litwin, she said the federal and provincial governments have to step up to ensure housing and other social services, including language training, are adequate.
Chris Friesen, of the Immigrant Services Society of B.C., said there is a “strong desire” in both the private and public sector for increased immigration levels, provided there is adequate economic and social integration funding.
Former ambassador Martin Collacott, a critic of Canadian immigration policy, said the high number of family class immigrants — especially the 20,000 parents and grandparents — means the policy will hurt rather than help the economy.
He cited studies showing that this group generally takes more in social services than it provides in taxes.
“It’s going to cost Canadians a fortune but it’ll certainly get Liberals some votes.”

KL-Singapore high-speed rail project – China on board

Monday, 13 June 2016 | MYT 9:51 AM

KL-Singapore high-speed rail project – China on board

BEIJING: A move to build a high-speed rail (HSR) line linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore has attracted interest from various countries with this kind of technology.

Among these countries is China, which aims to build and perhaps help run the proposed 350km-long track in Malaysia and Singapore.
Though somewhat of a latecomer to the scene (its first HSR line was built in 2003), China has aggressively pushed these trains across its country.
In January this year, China had 19,000km of HSR tracks – the longest total in the world. It aims to have 30,000km of HSR line length by 2020.
At the moment, negotiations on the project are ongoing between Malaysia and Singapore.
A memorandum of understanding is also due to be signed in the middle of the year.
With tenders for the project expected to be opened later in 2016, the battle to win the bid for the multi-billion-ringgit contract is expected to get very hot.
Check out The Star TV’s news feature on China’s interest in the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail project to find out more.

China's Tool in the US

Canada: How The Communists Took Control

Canada: How The Communists Took Control
Lester (aka "Mike") Pearson,
Soviet agent. Read from FBI's file on Lester Pearon as a Soviet Agent.
Elizabeth Bentley, defector from Soviet military intelligence
Stephen J. Harper, unlawfully hands millions in tax money to radical communists in Quebec. See: exclusive English translation: "Red" Harper? Canada's Fed Financing Quebec Radical Communists
Claude Frenette, President of the federal Liberal Party, 1960s; head of a "secret committee" in 1967 resolving to set up a "separatist" party in Quebec, to be led by Communist René Lévesque
Jean Marchand, leftist, led famous Quebec labor strikes... seeking "co-ownership" of mines by labor.
Maurice Sauvé, member of 1967 "secret committee" led by Claude Frenette. Trained at the Fabian-socialist London School of Economics, Sauvé has strong links to UNESCO, MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service) and the Communist-infiltrated CIA) in a post-war covert operation to federalize Europe and brainwash youth for one-world government
Jeanne Benoit Sauvé, wife of the "secret committee" man, Maurice Sauvé. Shares husband's links to UNESCO, British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and Communist-infiltrated CIA, while setting up a Communist party in Quebec to overthrow Canada
Sunday, February 22, 2015

SCOOP! René Lévesque's 1982 Letter for PQ membership in the World Government crowd

In 1982, Communist René Lévesque asks Willy Brandt, President of the Socialist International (SI) to admit the Parti Québécois as a member.
The deeper meaning of the letter? The Parti Québécois ascribes to the principles laid out in the 1951 and 1962 Congresses of the Socialist International: which call for a One-World Government.

Quebec: Communist State - True Objective of the Parti Québécois

Exclusive original research unearths French-only 1972 Communist manifesto of the Parti Québécois, calling for a Communist state of Quebec linked to Canada and the USA by "trade deals" and "treaties".
Discovered on a shelf in the law library of the French University of Montreal, in the special "Paul Gérin-Lajoie"* collection, the Manifesto intends to centralize production, eliminate free enterprise, and "extirpate" "individual liberty".
According to staff in the Quebec Archives, there is no English version of the 1972 Parti Québécois manifesto. Accordingly, an exclusive English Translation is underway, with key chapters posted at CANADA How The Communists Took Control, as they become available.
Read the exclusive English translation of the 1972 CBC Radio-Canada French roundtable discussion of the Parti Québécois' Communist manifesto.
* Gérin-Lajoie was a Rhodes Scholar, for those of you who know what that means.
CANADA How The Communists Took Control is a non-fiction expose of true Soviet Comintern penetration of the federal level of Canada that has never been investigated... because those who would normally investigate, are themselves the penetrated Soviet agents.
This includes Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who led a Communist delegation at Moscow in 1952, all bills paid by the Communist Party of Canada.
This includes Lester Bowles Pearson, exposed in the U.S. McCarran hearings by defecting Soviet military intelligence, Elizabeth Bentley, as a Soviet agent transmitting information to her "control" Hazen Size.

AntiCommunist Archive at

For a selection of rare and important pamphlets and articles on the Communist infiltration of Canada, visit the AntiCommunist Archive of CANADA How The Communists Took Control.

AntiCommunist Archive Canada
The AntiCommunist Archive of CANADA How The Communists Took Control has moved to

Our main featured pamphlet is currently: INSIDE THE FEATHERBED FILE? Canada’s Watergate — The Story of Treason in Ottawa, by former RCMP undercover agent, Patrick Walsh, published in 1982.
Inside the Featherbed File: Canada's Watergate, The Story of Treason in Ottawa

Prefer a white background? INSIDE THE FEATHERBED FILE, at its own web site.
Bernard Ostry, on the RCMP's list of "suspected Communist subversives", together with Sylvia, his wife, also on the "suspected" list, will host Federal government Cabinet meetings led by Pierre Elliott Trudeau at the Ostrys' palatial private home
Sylvia Ostry, on the RCMP's list of "suspected Communist subversives", together with her husband, Bernard, also on the "suspected" list, will host Federal government Cabinet meetings led by Pierre Elliott Trudeau at the Ostrys' palatial private home
Heroic Russian defector from the Washington Soviet Embassy, Igor Gouzenko, unleashes "Cold War" with evidence of high-level Soviet spy rings operating in Canada.
Jean-Louis Gagnon, Soviet agent protected by Mitchell Sharp and Lester Bowles Pearson, appointed by Trudeau: Jean-Louis Gagnon: Former Red Agent Appointed Information Canada Boss
Infamous Henry Kissinger, alleged Soviet Agent, secret name "Bor" Henry Kissinger: This Man Is On The Other Side, by William P. Hoar (American Opinion, June 1975) ALSO: With NAFTA, U.S. Finally Creates a New World Order 18 July 1993 By Henry A. Kissinger FULL TEXTNota bene: NAFTA is a further step toward Communist regional union in North America, after the FTA.
Tom Kent, on RCMP's list of "suspected Communist subversives". Kent knows the real reason for Stephen J. Harper's "Québécois nation" motion of 2006
Economist: Simon Reisman (FTA negotiator for Canada) Suspected Communist Subversive: RCMPNota Bene: The so-called FTA - Free Trade (Canada-USA) was a step towards Communist regional union in North America.

Lester Pearson a Communist Spy/How Little Was Reported To Canadians

Lester Pearson a Communist Spy

Diplomat and politician Lester Pearson won the...
Lester B. Pearson
 By Henry Makow Ph.D.
No one likes to bring bad tidings or to disturb fellow citizens sleeping soundly.
So, with a heavy heart, I report that Lester Pearson (Canadian Prime Minister 1963-1968) provided confidential information to Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) while serving in Washington D.C. from 1942-1946, in his capacity ultimately as Canadian Ambassador.
Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Treason is the secret policy of the governing elite in the West. Wittingly or unwittingly, they serve the Illuminatiplan for “world government,” an Orwellian police state called the “New World Order.” Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon and Tony Blair are other examples.
The Illuminati is a secret Luciferian cult representing the highest rung of Freemasonry, which has members in key positions around the globe. The Illuminati control the central banking monopoly, (the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve) and a vast network of interlocking cartels (notably media, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, minerals and oil.)
Illuminism believes that man (i.e. they) will define reality instead of God or nature. Thus, they have trouble with concepts such as objective truth or morality.
Communism was established by the Illuminati to undermine the basis of Western Civilization (religion, race, nation and family) while pretending to build a better world based on equality and social justice. They duped millions of people, opportunists and genuine idealists alike.
1984 (partial) interview of former Communist-agent Yuri Bezmenov
“Internationalism” which Lester Pearson advanced at the UN (winning a Nobel Prize in 1957) is a disguise for this occult tyranny of the super rich. Recent events (Sept. 11, the “War on Terror” Iraq and the Patriot Repression Act) must be seen in the perspective of advancing this grotesque plan.
In August 1951, Elizabeth Bentley, a former GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) spymaster, testified that Lester “Mike” Pearson was a primary source.
He (Pearson) fed confidential information to Hazen Sise, a Soviet agent under her control, who worked for the National Film Board of Canada.
Bentley told the US Senate McCarran Commission: “I understand from Hazenthat Pearson knew Hazen was a Communist and was willing to help. Pearsonby virtue of his position used to sit in on American functions, particularly British ones re. British polices, all of which was super hush-hush.”
Pearson was Canada’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in 1951 so this testimony was kept quiet. It is included in Appendix A (p.186) of “No Sense of Evil/ Espionage: The Case of Herbert Norman” (1986) by James Barros, a Political Science professor at the University of Toronto.
Herbert Norman, the Canadian ambassador to Egypt, was an NKVD agentand Pearson colleague who came under investigation in 1957 and “committed suicide.” Pearson protected and covered for him.
Pearson met with Benley’s control officer, Anatoly Gorski(“Gromov”) in Washington in Oct. 1944. Gorski was one of the KGB’s top operatives, having run Blunt, BurgessMaclean and Philby in England. Barros speculates “the unthinkable” that “Pearson was Moscow’s ultimate mole.” (Barros, 169)
In 1957, the US State Dept. held a meeting on whether to press this issue. It concluded: “Pearson is a hero. Right now he is cooperating to the fullest extent with our government in defense contracts.” (Barros 206)
Canadian Navy Commander Guy Carr mixed with this clique of top civil servants in Ottawa in the 1930’s and 1940’s. They recognized each other by Masonic signals and indulged in “progressive” pursuits like wife-swapping.
One told him: “Stop trying to save the human race. The vast majority aren’t worth the time or trouble. Most will be better off under a totalitarian dictatorship; they will get what the government decides is good for them.” (Satan: Prince of this World, p. 101. See also his Pawns in their Game and Red Fog Over America)
Elizabeth Bentley‘s charges were corroborated by decoded “Venona” messages between the Soviet Embassey and the KGB in Moscow and “assured American authorities of her veracity.” (Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in AmericaYale 1999, p. 12)
J.D. Rockefeller referred to Mackenzie King as “my best friend.” King worked for Rockefeller from 1914-1918 developing company unions and “social reform” policies that ensnared the masses and created big government.
The Rockefellers, who are the American agent for the Rothschilds, have controlled the Liberal Party ever since. They use the Quebec-based Paul Desmarais family (Power Corporation etc.) as intermediary. The [former] Prime Minister Paul Martin [was] a former employee who is beholden to Desmarais for selling him Canada Steamship Lines in a sweetheart deal.
In September 1945, three months before Elizabeth Bentley fled the GRU, a Soviet Embassy cipher clerk, Igor Gouzenko defected in Ottawa with material documenting massive Soviet espionage in the West. Initially Kingordered his officials to stall Gouzenko whose life, and that of his family, were in grave danger. They referred the heroic little family from office to office, crossing town with their incriminating documents. The Gouzenkos were told to return to the Russian embassy or commit suicide!
Why? Ostensibly King didn’t want to offend the USSR, a valued wartime ally. In reality, King, famous for being “inscrutable,” was afraid that Gouzenko would reveal that the governing elite in the West was infested with Soviet (i.e. Illuminati) agents like himself and Lester Pearson.
It appears that Gouzenko was saved because the Illuminati quickly devised a use for him. A top operative, “the Man Called Intrepid” Canadian William Stephenson, Head of British Special Operations Executive suddenly appeared and took the Gouzenkos under his wing.
Read full article here:
In 1948, Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent appointed Lester Pearson as Minister of External Affairs in the Liberal government. Shortly afterward, he won a seat in the Canadian House of Commons, for the federal riding of Algoma East. Pearson led the Liberals to a minority government in the 1963 general election, and became Canada’s prime minister.