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Chinese 5th Column and Spies in Canada

U.K. Allows Huawei to Build Parts of 5G Network, Defying Trump - WSJ

I guess I should explain myself as a new blogger: I come with a mission to expose (the inevitable) march to the new serfdom for what it is.
That involves this Behemoth into the global arena, ultimately into our faces.
 I won't be pulling any punches, but will deliver this topic 'raw & sometimes graphic' way I see it. The global media is soft-peddling this topic, oftentimes ignoring blatant truths. The media has meted out fear in reporting our collective tenuous trade & financial issues in an increasingly uncertain economic world. Hyper-inflation will be the topic during 2012 going forward, because of what this nation will it watches the struggling USD and the designed America fail. The rest of the developed world will hang on to what semblance of democracy & order that remains moving ever so slowly, bit, by bit into their hands resulting in a new global order

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 On this page you will find a brief history of Chinese intelligence service infiltration of Canadian society: from higher education and business to the highest instances of political life.

Communist/socialist ideology requires an effort to propagate itself throughout the world until every government and society is won over for the cause of "classless society".

This is nothing new, and everyone should be familiar with these ambitions after 50 years of "Cold War" and ideological struggle between East and West, socialism and democracy; free enterprise market vs. planned economy.

But how is it that right after the "Cold War" was over that we fell victims to not-so-secret ambitions of Chinese communist expansion plans?

That is the question I intend to answer here as best as I can, as we can look back at the evidence and developments throughout the past years.

Let's test hindsight, shall we?

Project "Sidewinder" And CIC Scandal

This is a good starting point for our inquiry, as a joint effort of CSIS and RCMP yielded this preliminary report on Chinese communist influences in Canada back in 1997.

Chinese Intelligence Services and Triads Financial Links in Canada
 Feel free to download, print and share this "smoking gun" with Canadians

This is when the cat was about to get out of the bag, but she never really did.

Even though the evidence of these links was ever-present in this report, somehow, it failed to trigger any kind of wider investigation and/or publicity.

One of the official reasons for discrediting accusations contained within was "spelling mistakes"??? (I only found a couple myself).
While only handful of officials and journalists tried to keep this problem in the spotlight - it went out of Canadian public's view for good.

At the same time, I assure you, the links and influences got stronger and multiplied.

As of right now this report is forgotten and actually hard to find - even on the net.  Hard to believe, isn't it?

Speaking of hard to find... CTV's W5 magazine did a piece on corruption in Canadian embassy in China featuring Brian McAdam and other first hand witnesses to widespread culture of bribes and profiteering on improperly issued visas for Chinese nationals of shady backgrounds.  We're talking well known criminals and intelligence officers.

In the meantime this episode had been taken down from the official CTV website, and is scarcely available even on "YouTube".

Kudos for the following articles and their authors.  Thank you guys!

On Sidewinder
Download and share please!

And now for some wholesome and courageous Canadian patriots:

Cpl. Robert Read

Cpl. Robert Read a 26 year veteran of the RCMP was fired after investigating government corruption involving the Canadian High Commission in Hong Kong. In the course of his investigation he uncovered evidence of the corruption and what appeared to him to be a massive cover-up of that evidence. Read‘s investigation involved very rich and powerful members of the business community in Hong Kong, political connections in the People‘s Republic of China and the Liberal government of Jean Chretien.

An RCMP external review committee later vindicated Read saying the Mounties had seriously mishandled investigations into complaints that Asian triads had infiltrated the embassy. The committee also found that the national police force was reluctant to investigate foreign affairs employees who were suspected of taking bribes from China‘s rich and powerful, many of whom are widely known to be part of the communist spy network. In its ruling, the committee said that Read was justified in taking his concerns to the media and ordered him reinstated. The RCMP refused.

Read took his case to the Federal Court of Canada. In June 2005 Judge Sean Harrington condemned Read for “a lack of loyalty to the government” and reaffirmed his firing. Read has since appealed all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which in May 2007 declined to hear his case.

Brian McAdam

Brian McAdam's 30 year career in the foreign service ended suddenly in 1993 after he exposed corruption at the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong and the infiltration of Chinese organized crime members and spies into Canada. His work saved the Canadian government an estimated $50 million, prevented the entry of over 1,000 organized crime figures such as Triad, Yakuza, and Mafia members into Canada, and revealed China's extensive espionage activities in Canada, which have now been confirmed by Canada's intelligence service, Chinese defectors and others.

Selwyn Pieters 

Selwyn Pieters was fired after going public about wrongdoing at the Immigration and Refugee Board. While the board says it axed him for tarnishing its image by lying to the media. He argues in Federal Court documents that his dismissal was in retaliation for blowing the whistle.

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