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Canada: How The Communists Took Control

Canada: How The Communists Took Control
Lester (aka "Mike") Pearson,
Soviet agent. Read from FBI's file on Lester Pearon as a Soviet Agent.
Elizabeth Bentley, defector from Soviet military intelligence
Stephen J. Harper, unlawfully hands millions in tax money to radical communists in Quebec. See: exclusive English translation: "Red" Harper? Canada's Fed Financing Quebec Radical Communists
Claude Frenette, President of the federal Liberal Party, 1960s; head of a "secret committee" in 1967 resolving to set up a "separatist" party in Quebec, to be led by Communist René Lévesque
Jean Marchand, leftist, led famous Quebec labor strikes... seeking "co-ownership" of mines by labor.
Maurice Sauvé, member of 1967 "secret committee" led by Claude Frenette. Trained at the Fabian-socialist London School of Economics, Sauvé has strong links to UNESCO, MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service) and the Communist-infiltrated CIA) in a post-war covert operation to federalize Europe and brainwash youth for one-world government
Jeanne Benoit Sauvé, wife of the "secret committee" man, Maurice Sauvé. Shares husband's links to UNESCO, British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and Communist-infiltrated CIA, while setting up a Communist party in Quebec to overthrow Canada
Sunday, February 22, 2015

SCOOP! René Lévesque's 1982 Letter for PQ membership in the World Government crowd

In 1982, Communist René Lévesque asks Willy Brandt, President of the Socialist International (SI) to admit the Parti Québécois as a member.
The deeper meaning of the letter? The Parti Québécois ascribes to the principles laid out in the 1951 and 1962 Congresses of the Socialist International: which call for a One-World Government.

Quebec: Communist State - True Objective of the Parti Québécois

Exclusive original research unearths French-only 1972 Communist manifesto of the Parti Québécois, calling for a Communist state of Quebec linked to Canada and the USA by "trade deals" and "treaties".
Discovered on a shelf in the law library of the French University of Montreal, in the special "Paul Gérin-Lajoie"* collection, the Manifesto intends to centralize production, eliminate free enterprise, and "extirpate" "individual liberty".
According to staff in the Quebec Archives, there is no English version of the 1972 Parti Québécois manifesto. Accordingly, an exclusive English Translation is underway, with key chapters posted at CANADA How The Communists Took Control, as they become available.
Read the exclusive English translation of the 1972 CBC Radio-Canada French roundtable discussion of the Parti Québécois' Communist manifesto.
* Gérin-Lajoie was a Rhodes Scholar, for those of you who know what that means.
CANADA How The Communists Took Control is a non-fiction expose of true Soviet Comintern penetration of the federal level of Canada that has never been investigated... because those who would normally investigate, are themselves the penetrated Soviet agents.
This includes Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who led a Communist delegation at Moscow in 1952, all bills paid by the Communist Party of Canada.
This includes Lester Bowles Pearson, exposed in the U.S. McCarran hearings by defecting Soviet military intelligence, Elizabeth Bentley, as a Soviet agent transmitting information to her "control" Hazen Size.

AntiCommunist Archive at

For a selection of rare and important pamphlets and articles on the Communist infiltration of Canada, visit the AntiCommunist Archive of CANADA How The Communists Took Control.

AntiCommunist Archive Canada
The AntiCommunist Archive of CANADA How The Communists Took Control has moved to

Our main featured pamphlet is currently: INSIDE THE FEATHERBED FILE? Canada’s Watergate — The Story of Treason in Ottawa, by former RCMP undercover agent, Patrick Walsh, published in 1982.
Inside the Featherbed File: Canada's Watergate, The Story of Treason in Ottawa

Prefer a white background? INSIDE THE FEATHERBED FILE, at its own web site.
Bernard Ostry, on the RCMP's list of "suspected Communist subversives", together with Sylvia, his wife, also on the "suspected" list, will host Federal government Cabinet meetings led by Pierre Elliott Trudeau at the Ostrys' palatial private home
Sylvia Ostry, on the RCMP's list of "suspected Communist subversives", together with her husband, Bernard, also on the "suspected" list, will host Federal government Cabinet meetings led by Pierre Elliott Trudeau at the Ostrys' palatial private home
Heroic Russian defector from the Washington Soviet Embassy, Igor Gouzenko, unleashes "Cold War" with evidence of high-level Soviet spy rings operating in Canada.
Jean-Louis Gagnon, Soviet agent protected by Mitchell Sharp and Lester Bowles Pearson, appointed by Trudeau: Jean-Louis Gagnon: Former Red Agent Appointed Information Canada Boss
Infamous Henry Kissinger, alleged Soviet Agent, secret name "Bor" Henry Kissinger: This Man Is On The Other Side, by William P. Hoar (American Opinion, June 1975) ALSO: With NAFTA, U.S. Finally Creates a New World Order 18 July 1993 By Henry A. Kissinger FULL TEXTNota bene: NAFTA is a further step toward Communist regional union in North America, after the FTA.
Tom Kent, on RCMP's list of "suspected Communist subversives". Kent knows the real reason for Stephen J. Harper's "Québécois nation" motion of 2006
Economist: Simon Reisman (FTA negotiator for Canada) Suspected Communist Subversive: RCMPNota Bene: The so-called FTA - Free Trade (Canada-USA) was a step towards Communist regional union in North America.

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