Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Evidence of Chinese Taking Our Gold Out of The Fraser River Near Lytton, BC

Towards the end of this clip. The story of how the Chinese came here to work on the railways is not exactly true. The Chinese used the experience to get start up capital so they could jump camp and take all our gold from "Gold Mountain/BC Canada ". They were willing to except any offer of wages well below the Canadians just so  they could hitch a ride into the interior, then jump camp.One major omission is they came here to take our Gold and Jade and ship it all back to China in coffins, Sneaky Eh. Our history books have been altered. Just ask the real folk all along the "Gold Trail" here in B.C., what they really came for. Why the real truth has been alerted and kept secret escapes me...There are many clips such as this one on Youtube showing evidence of  their raping the Fraser for these 2 gems all the way up to Quenell and beyond.

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