Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola declared global health emergency by Communist Chinese Head/Margaret Chan/WHO

What's a Communist Chinese entity doing heading up the WHO anyway, Go Figure!
She apologized to the world last time for the huge botch up over The [so called] Global Flu Pandemic. She was demanding we all get a flu  shot immediately when in reality it was totally not needed. Why was she "insisting",one wonders. When one checked out what the ingredients were in the flu shot, all hell ensued, a huge backlash from the medical profession as to its efficacy, even its' dangers. Embarrassed at this "discovered revelation" she shamefacedly had to declare it wasn't a pandemic and therefor fear surrounding surrounding the disease subsided. Nations, angry after spending their budgets on useless rubbish shot back. What was in the vaccine, another matter, a horror story in fact. There were damaging ingredients that would cause health problems to most of our world populations, even death! Here we see another run up, another global panic on a global scale, again quarterbacked  by the usual suspects, the WHO's [Margaret Chan] and "friends".

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