Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Why and how China secretly supports climate hysteria

Why and how China secretly supports climate hysteria

Dec 26 2020
26 February 2020
5:40 PM
The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. 

Sun Tzu, The Art of War. 

Climate hysteria around the western world is perfectly aligned with China’s objective to economically subdue the west without fighting. Climate alarmists, that army of ‘useful idiots’, share China’s objective of breaking down the economies and structures of western nations: they’re ‘all in’ with Team China.  
For an expansionist and power-hungry China, climate alarmism is a powerful yet arms-length weapon. While they pay lip service to the ruling orthodoxy, their actions defy it and their secret support for it enjoys full deniability. 
At the United Nations, for the purpose of setting emission-reduction targets, China self-declares as a ‘developing country’, avoiding onerous expectations. It exploits this privilege to maximum advantage. Its ‘greenhouse’ gas emissions are rising at the fastest pace in seven years. It has plans to build 300 – 500 new coal-fired power stations and to open 17 new coal mines within a decade. That’s how seriously they take the alleged threat of CO2 driven climate change. (They don’t seem bothered by uber-alarmist prophecies that the planet will have fried n’ died by then.) And I suggest this is a conscious decision to take advantage of the climate hysteria. 
China’s economy is, in fact, the world’s second-largest economy overall (behind the United States) with a GDP of over US$14 trillion. Pretty darned good for a ‘developing’ economy. 
The long term detriment to economies caused by aggressive climate change activism-driven public policies — and the erosion of quality of life for millions in the west — dovetails with the failures of politicians, the self-interest of businesses, the TTP and all the influencing campaigns that China runs. Thanks to climate hysteria, Australia, one of the most energy-rich nations in the world (even without nuclear options), has denied itself the benefits of cheap energy. Many politicians are determined to further undermine (if that’s the right word) the benefits of our self-sufficiency in coal.  
In some ways (see above) we have already been ‘subdued’ – without fighting. Or should that be ‘without a fight’? Thanks to climate change and Team China. 

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