“COVID-19” is presently trending in Canada as new information has broken suggesting that the deadly and endemic coronavirus may have originated at the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control (WCDC) and the Wuhan Centre for Virology, according to a new report from the South China University of Technology.
The Centres, one located just 280 metres away from the Huanan fresh market where the virus was originally claimed to have originated, may have been the epicentre for the now-endemic virus, according to a pre-print report by Biologists Botao XIao and Lei Xiao. 
Their report, titled “The Possible Origins of the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus,” explored the histories of the laboratories and noted that diseased animals were hosted within the WCDC, and previous incidents of infections had occurred. The report has since been deleted.
Multiple mainstream media sources have reported on these new findings.
Popular alternative news source Zero Hedge was recently banned from Twitter after questioning the origins of the coronavirus.
COVID-19’s death toll has surpassed 1,600, with over 64,000 cases of infection being reported. No cure, vaccine, or foolproof method of prevention has been developed. 
More disturbing than the virus itself has been the culture of fear surrounding it. Chinese whistleblowers taking to the internet to inform the world of life inside quarantine have made one thing clear: This is not the common flu.
From the disappearances and deaths of Chinese doctors and journalists claiming the death toll is being underreported, to the erratic behaviour of Chinese netizens reporting on conditions in mainland China. 
One source in Wuhan who spoke to The Post Millennial had been providing regular updates to the world on the state of Wuhan hospitals. Known pseudonymously as “MonkeyMan,” he would post footage to a VPN-protected Twitter account showing crowded hospitals with empty medicine cabinets. 
In January, he confirmed his parents were infected with the Coronavirus, and feared he would be next.
Shortly after, MonkeyMan deleted all of his posts, and replaced them with a single Tweet praising Chinese president Xi Jinping, asking for forgiveness. He has not responded to messages, and has not tweeted since. 
Chinese citizen journalist Jennifer Zeng has also been keeping the world updated on the plight of coronavirus victims in China from the safety of New York City.
One of her most recent posts shows a video taken by a senior couple as they were being told to leave their home and go to a quarantine building by a Government official. They were apparently tracked down via the metadata from their cellphone, which was allegedly used to prove they shared a flight with an individual who was later diagnosed with coronavirus.