Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Trudeau government awarded Chinese firms $6 million in contracts in 2020


Trudeau government awarded Chinese firms $6 million in contracts in 2020

Chinese firms received government contracts valued at $6 million last year according to information obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter.

In data tabled in the House of Commons, the government reveals the value of contracts awarded to Chinese firms stood at $5.8 million, with another $2.3 million going to direct foreign aid to China.

“The Liberal government’s business-as-usual approach to the People’s Republic of China should come to an end particularly with Canadians held hostage,” said Conservative MP John Williamson, who requested the data be tabled.

“Canadians should be aware of contracts from the Government of Canada handed to companies with links to mainland China.”

Canada-China relations have sharply declined since Canadian police arrested Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou on a U.S. warrant in 2019. China countered by arresting two Canadian citizens and banning certain Canadian products.

In the past year, China has also begun escalating tensions with Canadian allies like Australia and Taiwan.

“Beijing is proving it is a belligerent power toward other nations. It is wrong that our government won’t take stronger steps by working in concert with our allies, especially Australia, to defend our values and citizens,” added Williamson.

The Trudeau government has been criticized in the past for giving aid to China, a country with an economy worth over $13 trillion and has a military budget of $267 billion. In 2019, Canada gave China $41 million in aid.

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