Thursday, January 28, 2021

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent RCMP Goons to intimidate a journalist at his private home

 We need an immediate federal election, this ant wait any longer! The reason: a traitorous Prime Minister who has been favouring  China and placing  their interests before Canada's. ''Ipso Facto''.... acting for China.

Trudeau's' Chinese backed crackdown on Free Speech is totally against what Canada stands for; meanwhile he's brought into Canada the Chinese military the PLA to be trained on Canadians soil for winter maneuvers, all done in total secrecy at Petawawas' Army Base north of Ottawa.                                                                                                                                                          So why all the secrecy we ask...WELL, it just happens that Trudeau is bending over backwards  to do anything Beijing wants.                                                                                        China has no love for Canada, moreso they want to take over Canada as their own nation.  China see Canada as theirs to own.                                                                                                     What kind of PM does this, a treasonous PM that's what! A very dangerous PM who is working against Canadian sovereignty assisting the very enemy of the Free World, China. Also assisting China in their efforts against our friends and neighbours to the south the USA, the American people.

Justin Trudeau was informed by military intelligence about a pandemic starting in Wuhan China back in October of 2019 and he did nothing, he actually pretended act dumb to anything about the Coronavirus even until February of 2020. He never lent a  helping hand to all the sick military personnel, and all matter relating to it were on lockdown from the greater Canadian public. This behaviour was all about appeasing his bosses back in Beijing. 

A national election needs be called just on this one topic, "Treason". Just how much influence, intel and favour has Trudeau given to the Chinese behind Canadians backs for years now. 

We want it resolved and  fast!

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