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Clonaid to defrocked Korean clone researcher: we'll hire you!


Clonaid to defrocked Korean clone researcher: we'll hire you!

 JAN 17, 2006

Sounds like a match genetically engineered in heaven. Clonaid, the dubiously scientific arm of a religious cult which claims to have cloned "many children" has offered to hire Hwang Woo-Suk, the shamed Korean scientist whose cloning research was recently proven to have been a hoax.


^more about Brigitte Boisselier [also known as Brigitte Roehr,] from WIKI

Clonaid to defrocked Korean clone researcher: we'll hire you ...

Hwang Woo suk - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Snips from press release:

Human cloning discussion at the UN

Letter sent by Dr. Boisselier to all UN Ambassadors:

At the upcoming 59th session of the General Assembly you will decide whether I am a criminal or not. By the same token you will tell the 13 cloned children that are alive today and all the future ones, whether they are the result of a crime or of the desire of loving parents. You will tell these belated twins whether it is criminal to be a twin or not.

Centuries ago, twins were killed because primitive people thought they were evil. Today ethicists are telling you the same about cloned children, will you let them decide for you? Reproductive cloning is giving life to a few individuals and cannot harm any one. The Hollywood stories of monstruous defects have no real scientific bases if you listen to real experts and I would be happy to demonstrate this to you. In the future, reproductive cloning will enable all of us to live eternally. This is what Rael, founder of the Raelian Movement and of Clonaid, announced 30 years ago (see www.rael.org ) and what is slowly demonstrated in more and more laboratories around the world as they are working on brain mapping and personality transfer. By declaring human cloning a crime against humanity, you will just slow down an unescapable process as sooner or later, not only will we beat most of the diseases thanks to stem cells but we will also beat death thanks to cloning and a majority of people on this planet will request it.

The real crime against Humanity is to deny the right to live forever, deny the right to explore science freely and its wonderful benefits. I will be available any time to explain more about what Clonaid has acheived as I believe it is a major step for humanity. I am proud of what my team of scientists has achieved. I strongly urge you to listen to what they have to say and to what the parents of cloned children have to say.

Friday 22 October 2004 - 04:56:54

Godsend: The Movie, Clonaid: The Reality
Thousands of families have contacted Clonaid in the last couple of years in the hope to see a later born twin of their deceased family member be born again. Many of those families are families of celebrities, business leaders and political leaders - we are currently working on the case of a prime minister whose son has been killed.

And we at Clonaid are very proud that we have been able to realize this dream for some of those families already. The world's first clone baby boy is actually the belated twin of his deceased brother and he was born in January 2003 shortly after Eve's birth. According to his parents, he has developed different behaviors but also likes the same toys as his brother.

Contrary to what some bad movies try to make people believe, cloning a deceased person is not about exploiting people in difficult times, but about providing another option for them instead of grief and despair. They want to give another chance to this unique genetic make up that disappeared too soon. Also, how many couples have conceived a new child by natural means immediately following the death of their previous child? Yet nobody doubts a new child's capacity for happiness just because he might have been born after his sibling's death.

In a not too distant future, advanced cloning technologies will allow us to even recreate a deceased person in an adult body, with all his past experiences and memories, allowing mankind to enter the age of immortality as it has been announced by His Holiness Rael, founder of Clonaid, in 1973 already after his contact with the Elohim, mankind's extraterrestrial creators.
Clonaid team ready for human parthenogenesis
Clonaid scientists were pleased to learn about the breakthrough in parthenogenesis
recently announced as it has been a request of many of their customers.
Dr Boisselier said :" When the lesbian couple from Holland came to us, it was their wish to have a baby bearing the genes of both of them. At this time, we could only offer them to have a baby with the genes of one them and the other mother would carry the child. It has been their way to share the act of giving life. We have received a phone call from them today and they are trusting us to have a baby now with both of their genes. Clonaid team is ready to try this new endeavor. We are sure that the law in the country where we operate doesn't prevent
this operation."
The Clonaid team has received many requests of that kind over the past 4 years and will welcome all of them now.
Dr. Boisselier added : We do not have any ethical concerns for this. Individuals should have the right to use their genes the way they want, and to reproduce the way they want. We, at Clonaid, will make sure that it is safe and reliable before using it as we did with the cloning prodedure.
Since March 1st, 30 human clones have been implanted, 23 pregnancies are under way.

Tuesday 04 May 2004 - 20:59:41

Alive and Well
13 cloned babies are now alive thanks to our dedicated team of doctors and scientists. They are all healthy and no problem has been found in any one of them that could be attributed to their mode of conception.
The 8 babies born in February and March of this year are located in Australia, Mexico ( 2 of them), Brazil, Spain, Italy, England and Hong Kong,
Each month, between 10 and 15 implantations will be performed in our laboratory.
Clonaid team is now looking for laboratories who would be willing to analyze tissue samples of one of our cloned baby girl and the ones of her mother and who could certify publicly that they have the same DNA but different telomeres. If you have such an interest, please contact us on this website

Sunday 28 March 2004 - 06:22:07

Sixth Cloned Baby Born Down-Under !
The 6th cloned baby was born on Thursday the 5th of February in Australia.The Clonaid team, after 20 more implantations, had 8 successful pregnancies. The first one of this new series is now born, perfectly healthy and his health is documented today by a pediatrician in Sydney.The seven other babies are expected these two coming weeks. An update will be made for each birth on this website.

nb: The cloned child born in Australia was not conceived within Australia and therefore adheres to Australian cloning laws.

Monday 09 February 2004 - 14:50:40

The second generation of clone babies about to be born

Dr Boisselier who has already successfully helped 5 couples to have a baby through human cloning technology is now in Australia where she will visit the cloned baby expected to be born in the next couple of days. She is also meeting with other parents to be and is helping them to build the Australian Human Clone Rights Foundation.

The whole Clonaid project team rejoices in seeing the 8 new pregnancies that have been developing very well and are about to come to term. They are now fully prepared to serve the hundreds of customers who will be cloned in the upcoming months. They also rejoice in seeing other doctors doing implantations proving this technology is not science fiction but today's reality, a reality that will be exposed when it is no longer a criminal offense. Meanwhile the Stemaid project providing stem cells technology to the public is on its way and will be fully presented in Las Vegas on March 30th where His Holiness Rael who inspired the project will be giving His first one week lecture in America.

Saturday 24 January 2004 - 00:30:28

Happy birthday Eve!
pnkcake.gifWe are very happy to celebrate the first birthday of Eve, the world's first clone baby born on December 26, 2002. Four more celebrations will take place over the next couple of weeks to celebrate the births of the other four clone babies born in early 2003. All five babies are developping
perfectly well and no difference can be seen between the clone children and children born "naturally".
While the world is slowly coming to terms with reproductive human cloning our team has been working hard on the next generation of clone babies ...
More news coming soon!

Wednesday 24 December 2003 - 06:20:53

Clonaid team celebrates UN delay on Human Cloning Ban.

The Clonaid project team happily celebrated yesterday after news that the UN did not declare human cloning as a crime against humanity.

Representing the parents of the first cloned babies and the future parents of cloned children, The Human Clone Rights Foundation now have two years to defend their right to use their genes as they wish. Their first symposium is scheduled in Crans Montana, Switzerland on December 11th. If within this time the talk of a human-cloning ban is dropped, then the parents may be in a position to reveal the proof that they have produced cloned offspring. (www.humanclonerights.org).

Many false statements have been published during the course of these debates and Clonaid would like to make the following comments in response:

It has been suggested that human cloning is more difficult than animal cloning and therefore should never be attempted. From our three years of experience in human and animal cloning we can conclude undeniably that the cloning of human beings is not only easier, but has a much higher success-rate than with that of other mammals. Our scientists have also found that by inserting human DNA into animal eggs, such as those from cows, the resulting embryos reached the blastocyst level repeatedly without any problem. These findings confirm statements made long ago by His Holiness Rael who declared that human cloning would be easier than animal cloning due to humans having a built in mechanism that facilitates the process and therefore allows them to one day reach eternal-life scientifically. (www.rael.org)

It has been said that it is a crime to destroy embryonic life and use its stem cells to cure diseases. The real crime is to withhold stem-cell therapy from those who are dying right now or who are suffering from incurable diseases and disabilities. The Human Clone Rights Foundation and the Clonaid team are now in the process of building a list of all those who are against cloning technologies and therefore denying health and treatment to millions of people. This is to be sure that these people will never be granted access to the technology once it becomes widely available.

Meanwhile the Clonaid and Stemaid teams are happily proceeding with their reproductive and therapeutic applications.

For more information on our current reproductive and therapeutic program, consult www.clonaid.com and www.stemaid.com.

Korean government officially closes investigation into Clonaid's activities
The Korean government has officially closed its investigation into the activities of Clonaid. The case was closed on October 7, 2003 due to lack of evidence. Dr Boisselier maintains that Clonaid has never engaged in illegal activity within Korea or any other country for that matter.

Friday 24 October 2003 - 21:55:48

2FbabyTHE 5 CLONE BABIES that were born between December 26th, 2002 and February 4th, 2003 are developping normally.
CLONAID's pediatrician confirms that no difference can be seen between the clone children and children born "naturally".
Their progress has been documented and will be published through the Human Clone Rights Foundation - the association of the parents who have been cloned or who desire to be cloned.

More at humanclonerights.org

Wednesday 15 October 2003 - 19:00:38

Dr. Boisselier statement:
The media have chosen to discredit Clonaid's achievements by stating them as "a hoax" due to the lack of proof.
I want to make sure that people realize that we are dealing with human lives and not artificial objects.
Early January I had to choose between my reputation and the life of the clone babies and their families. I chose to let them live a peaceful life and it is rewarding to receive pictures of baby Eve smiling.
Other children will be born soon, conceived by nuclear transfer. Among the future parents some are ready to be public.
If the attempts to declare us as criminals at the UN level are dropped then proof of our achievements will be published. They will not be published, however, if cloning is declared to be a crime against humanity, as some would like it to be. It would be foolish of us to give evidence that could be used against us. Meanwhile our reproductive cloning program will go on and our patients can be assured that we will always respect our non-disclosure agreements under any circumstances.

Wednesday 15 October 2003 - 18:47:43

It is interesting to do the mental exercise, for just a few seconds, and ask oneself – why would Dr Hwang play with the hope of millions of people who are desperately waiting for stem-cell cure to be available for either themselves or one of their relatives? Why would he declare that he has made these lines, if he wasn't able to do it, knowing that millions are watching him and that he would have to deliver them soon?

In the same way, how can people believe that Clonaid's announcement of a cloned child being born was a hoax while thousands of parents-to-be were and are counting on us? Thankfully these parents didn't trust the media and today many of them had their baby…
5 Babies Update
Scientific & bioethics leaders discussing human reproductive cloning

If Dr. Hwang accepts the offer, he'll have no shortage of earth-booty, though there's no guaranteeing any of it was biotechnically engineered. Link to a related Chosun Ilbo article.

The Clonaid website also reports, "Clonaid has been able to find living cells in a body that has been dead for 4 months – there is hope!" It seems that both hope and cells from four-month-old corpses spring eternal.

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