Sunday, June 6, 2021

This is from someone who lives in China and explains what life is like in there.

Sophie Jean explains what life is like in China

( copied )This is from someone who lives in China and explains what life is like in there.
She said they have a QR code that they have to scan before they enter any shops or businesses. This code links straight to the government who, based on how many social credit points one has, gives them either a red or green light. If they get a green light, they can go in. A red light indicates a refusal of entry. This also applies to food shops. Think about that for a minute... consider the implications for you and your family if that occurred here?
This is part of China’s Social Credit System.
The blueprint for the rest of the world.
Her friend is so bought into the narrative that she thinks this is ok, and the government are doing it to keep them safe.
Cash is cleaner now than it ever has been. Now we hardly have any paper notes in circulation, all coins and notes can be washed if we are concerned about dirt and germs, yet cash has been labelled as a spreader of disease and many businesses have gone cashless as a result.
A cashless society is a prerequisite to a Social Credit System.
Did you still think your government were telling you to use card for the good of your health?
No... they are telling you to use card because your cash can’t be tracked.
That privacy doesn’t sit well with government.
We should be boycotting companies that refuse cash.
It’s that simple.
Money talks.
While you think that politics doesn’t apply to you, or while you sit and watch Strictly and Corrie and don’t have an interest in this type of thing, the world is changing.
Subtle (and not so subtle) changes that are slowly and almost imperceptibly stripping your rights away. Removing your chance to earn a living. Removing your right to travel freely.
Changing how you shop.
How you communicate.
Being told who you can and cannot see. Isolating you.
Dehumanising you.
What will it take to make you say enough is. What life will your children have?
What will you say to them when they realise you helped sell their generation down the river?

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