Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 3 Of The Police-State

Week 3 Of The Police-State
By Jim Kirwan

Yesterday, The Russians announced that "should anything happen to Iran ˆ this will be a Direct threat to our National Security". And in the same article a Chinese General said "China would launch WWIII if Iran is attacked." These two nations are part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that was formed with several of the other smaller states in that region, after Bush stole his second election here in 2004: Because they realized then that the USA & Israel must be stopped at all costs. (1)

How ironic that the world has to hear from our former enemies, just how dangerous our own government has become: While the candidates for office in this country will not even mention the fact that Americans are no longer free, and are no longer involved in whatever their government does, in any area of life.

Since January 1, 2012 the United States has officially been without a Constitution, without a legitimate government and we have been living in a Police-State without any laws to protect our own people from this OUTLAW government: Yet still there has been NO outward sign from the so-called leaders of this country against this obscenity!

We are in the election cycle for the next elections of a country that no longer exists and yet no candidate involved in that selection process has even mentioned the FACT that the United States of America no longer exists ˆ because with that truth ˆ comes the inescapable FACT that we no longer have any need for elections, for lobbyists or candidates, for judges or courts, for presidents or power-brokers: We are a captive people, and we have NO CHOICE about anything that is now done in our names, because we were far too SILENT for far too long and now we‚re just being held hostage to whatever the Élites want to do with us!

You want proof ˆ look at the calendar. Today begins the third week of our capture yet no American Newspaper has even mentioned it, much less run the story on the front-page in 48 point type! Ask yourself why it is that you only get this from Word-slinger's like me and a handful of others where you can read about the details of the end of a nation, which should have been The Story of the Century around the world! Why has this has still not made it to CNN or FOX, or any of the media that should be so very proud of having stolen this country outright. After all that was why those organizations were created in the first place! These Dis-United States have proven our cowardice, as a people, over and over and over again ˆ so apparently there is no need for the victors to rub our noses in the truth, because maybe that might just be too much for even the lowliest American cowards to continue to tolerate? (2)

Someone said: "The World STOPPED Nazism, The World STOPPED apartheid! The World must stop ZIONISM!"

But the kicker is that NAZISM was not stopped, they just switched sides after WWII. When that switch was taking place we killed the one US General, General Patton, who would never have tolerated this betrayal of the country. At the time Patton wanted to continue the war to finish off the Communists that he believed we would very soon have to fight anyway˜and he saw no reason to leave the field until we had finished that war: So he was murdered, run over by a US tank, supposedly because of his determination to continue the fight against the communists! Apparently there were no other Americans in the upper echelon of the military that disagreed with converting the Nazi‚s, our former enemies in Europe, into our most valued agents inside everything from defense and weaponry to intelligence, education, media and eugenics. And the result of this massive national betrayal of the country is what has brought us to this traitors-spotlight in the blood-drenched history of the nation that lied the most about its own past, for the last 235 years.

        How else to explain the total farce of celebrating Martin Luther Kings‚ DREAMS on the 16th day of our own very SILENT national-captivity!

For the last ten days the United States has been acting exactly like the Nazi‚s did just before they invaded Poland in 1939. We've been moving troops and material all over the map, throughout the Middle-East in obvious preparations for WAR upon Iran. But there is NO REASON for that war to happen: There is only the very public insanity of the place that is still not a state after 64 years of trying to become one. It was all of our very hasty and extremely hostile movements that led China and Russia to the statements they issued yesterday: That has still not been answered on-the-record, by US or Israeli sources. All that did happen is that Israel summoned our new Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff to lecture him on backing down because of external-pressures from the rest of the planet. The news made it sound like the US had sent the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, but it is far more likely that he was summoned after Obama abruptly ended the war games for missile-protection that involved 7,000 US troops inside Israel.

"Obama is a filthy TRAITOR to this country and nothing but a barbarian when it comes to the looting, the rape and the designed plundering of a once proud nation that was once GREAT! Damn Obama‚s rotten ass to HELL, and may the world NEVER FORGET what this rotten-prick has done to the world in the name of this Zionist designed slaughter

Winner of the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE indeed! The peacemaker for CHANGE that we can believe in ˆ is the same man that just declared WAR upon the entire world, including the United States of America ˆ just 14 days ago! There are limits to what we can put up with from this DICTATOR, and its way past time that this country got serious about arresting our CRIMINAL-WAR-LORD in-charge of this POLICE-STATE! (3)

Israel will NOT be embarrassed, especially not by someone as beholden as any US president; because Israel has OWNED every US president since LBJ, and this upstart is no exception. Expect the Israel‚s to announce something dire while the Chairman is still in the air˜because that was how Israel always treated every American emissary that was summoned to the region to do things that Israel did not approve of. It happened to Condi (Queen of Lies) Rice innumerable times and to Hillary and numerous other American ambassadors, on a number of occasions, so why would this be any different?

My question for this cowardly country is this:

Will you actually let this country go to the Polls without even challenging all of the candidates to explain what happened to this government that, in the first term of the Traitor called Obama, we allowed this nation to lose EVERYTHING we once stood for? How is it possible to have an election in which the very roots of the nation itself (that were just pulled up, poisoned, and then burned) could not be the subject of any discussion, prior to a selection process that is no  longer needed, because the supposed country in question NO LONGER EXISTS!

Oops I forgot when the Reichstag's fire wiped out the German government that led to the selection of Hitler, and the overthrow of the legitimate German government˜nothing was mentioned then either. That was the beginning of the Third Reich: So naturally the beginning of the Fourth Reich must be following the exact same pattern? So where the hell are all the supposed Americans!

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