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#Pizzagate The Lost Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau [...Friends with China] his connections to Pedophilia

#Pizzagate Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his connections to Pedophilia

Justin Trudeau pictured with Benjamin Levin at the 2013 Gay Pride Parade in Toronto Canada 

On July 8, 2013, Benjamin Levin was arrested by the Toronto Police Service sex-crimes unit and charged with seven counts of child exploitation, including charges of possessing and accessing child pornography. He had been a suspect of the Police Service since the middle of 2012. 

 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not get the memo i assume !!!!

According to a letter sent by Levin to his former colleagues he would "be pleading guilty on March 3 [2015] to three of the seven charges, namely one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counselling a sexual assault."[13] As well, the judge noted that though Levin didn’t plead guilty to this offence, he unquestionably “also distributed child pornography,’’ sending various images to the officers including “an image of a bound girl, with a gag in her mouth and an adult woman standing over her” which Levin described in a written comment as “Mmm, so hot to imagine a mother doing that to her girl to please her lover.” Online, Levin also informed undercover officers (who were impersonating mothers of young girls) that he and his wife had been sexually active with their daughters. On May 29, 2015, he was sentenced to three years in prison.[4]

Only a week before he was arrested for allegedly making and distributing child pornography, the Ontario Liberal government’s former Deputy Minister of Education attended Toronto’s Pride Parade with federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. 
Footage of the June 30 “Church on Church Street Service” shows Dr. Benjamin Levin sitting in prominent front-row seats right next to Trudeau, who was next to Wynne. 

Levin was listed in the “Who’s Who of Canada”[14] and was ranked the # 5 most influential Knowledge Mobilization (KM) leader in Canada.[15] In 2003, Levin was awarded the Canadian Education Association's Whitworth Award for contributions to Education Research.[16][17]The following year he received the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba's Medal for Service to Public Administration[18] In 2010, he was named Outstanding Educator of the Year, by Phi Delta Kappa's Toronto chapter[19] and in 2012 he was awarded one of four Max Bell Foundation National Awards in Canada for Innovation Ideas.[20]

EXCLUSIVE: Confidential e-mails show pedophile Ben Levin was a trusted friend and advisor to Ontario’s Ministry of Education until the moment he was arrested in 2013.
Government still refuses to release details of Levin’s education policy advice from October, 2012.
Documents received by The Rebel media under Ontario’s Freedom of Information laws show that child pornographer Ben Levin was a trusted friend and advisor to Ontario’s Ministry of Education until the moment of his arrest in 2013. This directly contradicts Liberal claims that Levin had nothing to do with government education policy, including the controversial child sex-ed curriculum introduced for this fall.

When Levin was arrested in 2013, Education Minister Liz Sandals issued a statement claiming "Dr. Levin's only recent involvement with the Ministry has been on contract research projects and guest speaking roles through his capacity as a professor at OISE.” The e-mail records demonstrate that is false. He not only was invited to high-level executive retreats with senior civil servants, but he was asked for his input on confidential policy documents, even before the Minister of Education had approved them. Levin also had a personal friendship with George Zegarac, the current Deputy Minister of Education, meeting him for drinks and inviting him to a Blue Jays game.

Highlights of the 47 pages of e-mails include:
* May 31, 2012: Ben Levin pitches himself to George Zegarac (current Deputy Minister of Education) for “coaching” service
* July 4, 2012: Zegarac invites Levin to attend a retreat with the department's “executive leadership team”
* October 5, 17, 18, 2012: Zegarac sends Levin a confidential PowerPoint presentation about the department's 5-year plan, before it was approved by the Minister
* October 18, 2012: Levin’s reply to that presentation (all details blacked out by the government)
* October 31, 2012: Levin’s comments to Zegarac, including "safety/well-being are not aspects of individuals or things that we would teach or develop are they?”
* November 18, 2012: e-mail from Zegarac to Levin discussing the curriculum. Zegarac writes, "Your paper will drive much of the discussion. Cabinet Office re-wrote the deck to match format of Health and others. Conversation will be most important.”
* March 4, 2013 Zegarac invites Levin for a personal meeting
* March 20, 2013, Zegarac invites Levin to meet at a bar, “The Foxes Den"
* April 25, 2013: Levin hosts a full-day workshop with 400 principals and superintendents, and writes a report about it to Zegarac, and copies Howie Bender, Chief of Staff to Minister Liz Sandals
* June 18, 2013: Levin invites Zegarac to a Blue Jays game, Zegarac accepts

Kathleen Wynne told reporters in January that she would like to resurrect the controversial program. 
“We are going to evolve the physical health and sex education curriculum,” Wynne said on January 27th, reported Xtra. “We have developed curriculum in this province for decades, and we have done it in a way that has integrity.” 
Joe Warmington, police reporter for Sun News, said on Sun News’ Byline that he was not surprised to find someone in Levin’s level of government, with the “kind of power” he had, “charged with this kind of heinous act.” 
“What we need to do as a society is to find out the influence that this former deputy minister [had],” he said, adding that by the very act of Levin sitting right next to Trudeau and Wynne at the Pride event “indicates power”. 
Warmington said that investigators and concerned citizens should look into who put Levin “into power,” who Levin appointed to “key positions,” and what curriculum was he responsible for. 
“Let’s not kid ourselves, this investigation is not over.” 
Warmington said that when sexually explicit posters start showing up on classroom walls and children are encouraged to visit links from their school board’s website that lead to graphic sexual content, “it makes you wonder, how did these things end up there?” 
“The reality is that this is bigger than one person. [Levin] is the person that basically is allegedly the coach, the colonel, the teacher.” 
“I think this story is going to go down in the history books if it is delved into properly,” he said. 
Gay activists have made the case that school-aged children must become sexualized through sex-ed programs that focus on inclusivity and diversity if the gay-sex movement is to survive and gain ground. 
“Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?” wrote Daniel Villarreal in a 2011 piece that appeared on the popular gay site 
“We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it.” 
“Recruiting children? You bet we are,” he said. “And I would very much like for many of these young boys to grow up and start f**ing men.” 
Fonseca called it a “strange coincidence” that the two provinces where Levin served as Deputy Education Minister (Ontario & Manitoba) are the same provinces pushing controversial legislation involving a “radical sexual agenda, under the guise of anti-bullying.” 
“It’s rather interesting too that these three amigos (Trudeau, Wynne and Levin) have been at the forefront of advocating for sexual diversity,” he said. 
Fonseca said that since “there’s nothing more precious than our children, we are compelled to closely scrutinize curriculum that has already been accused by parents of sexualizing and confusing children.”

"That's two 13 year-old-girls addressing the media with a 61-year-old avowed lesbian and talking about sexual consent in a country where the age of consent is 16. You don't need to be a political science professor to see that as a dumb move." 

As Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne touts her role as a mother to show she is qualified to update the province’s sex-ed curriculum, information has surfaced about how she left her 13-year marriage and wreaked havoc in the lives of her three young children as she took up her homosexual relationship with her current partner, Jane Rounthwaite.
In the 2007 book Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End. Families Don't, which aims to recast what it means to be “family” after a failed marriage, author Cate Cochran unwittingly reveals alarming details of just how dysfunctional Wynne’s family became in her “New Age” quest for “sexual energy.”
In a chapter on Wynne’s family, the book describes Kathleen Wynne and Phil Cowperthwaite as “university sweethearts” who lived together for a couple of years after graduating. The author states that when they were “ready to have children” they decided to get married. This happened in 1977.
The couple had three children, Christopher, Jessie, and Maggie. According to the author, Wynne “loved being a mother.” 
“She remembers waking up when the kids were young with a sense of well-being that she was following all the rules for the first time in her life and reaping lots of approval — baking muffins, taking part in the neighborhood garage sale, attending the kids’ school council meetings, and thinking to herself, “I’m doing this quite well. Oh my God, how did this happen? I didn’t expect to be living this perfect life.”
Wynne finds her ‘wild woman’ during sexual encounter with Jane
Cochran explains that Kathleen and Phil began to drift apart after embracing “Eighties-style ‘New Age’ ideas” and reading “stacks of self-improvement books.” 
"They had beautiful kids, and affluence but the sexual energy had become muted, and Kathleen knew ‘there had been a wild woman in me that hadn't been around for a while,’” states the author, quoting Wynne.
It was during a “group therapy” organized by Wynne that she realized she had “feelings” for a woman in the group who had a crush on her. It was during a weekend getaway with her best friend Jane Rounthwaite to examine a cottage the family wanted to purchase that Wynne began a homosexual affair, breaking her marriage vow to Phil. 
“I know this isn’t a story about how I came out as a lesbian, but it was finding my sexual energy that led me to break with Phil,” Wynne told the author. 
Rounthwaite admitted she had been keeping an eye on Wynne for 18 years ever since the two had met when Wynne was 20 and Rounthwaite was 21. 
“I waited 18 years for her,” Rounthwaite told Toronto Star in a June 2014 article. “Basically, from the time I met Kath in 1973, I was just waiting — through her marriage, through my (own) relationship (with a woman) — I just waited all those years.” 
Children’s lives ‘turned inside out’ but had to live ‘myth’ of happy family
After the weekend at the cottage, Rounthwaite moved in with Wynne, while her husband moved down to the basement. To the adults this “made sense,” the author writes, but to the three little children “whose lives were being turned inside out, it didn’t.” 
The children were confused by the new arrangement and quickly became miserable.
“Jessie, who was nine, and Christopher, who was eleven, were livid…Maggie, who was just six…remembers feeling sad.” 
“They were not happy. The world as they knew it changed forever, and it happened quickly. Almost in the same breath, the children learned that their parents were splitting up and that their mother had a new partner — a woman,” the author writes.
The transition especially affected the eldest, Christopher. 
“He felt he’d been dragged into his parents’ experiment and expressed his anger and frustration with great drama. He saw Jane as the interloper,” the author writes. Once while on a ski trip Christopher “plaintively asked if he could have his old family back.” 
“He wanted the experiment to be over and to return to the way things were. It fell to Kathleen to disabuse him of that idea,” the author writes.
In the midst of the family experiment, Christopher began “questioning his own sexuality,” eventually declaring he was ‘gay’ when he went to university. Christopher now sees that his parents’ experiment made him insecure in his own sexuality. He hated telling people about his family and despised his dad for not being a “strong man.”
“To expose how our family was different also made me think about how I was different from my friends,” he said. 
The children were embarrassed to have Rounthwaite in the house, telling visiting friends that she was the “cleaning lady.” 
There was fighting among the adults. At one point Wynne and Rounthwaite hid in the closet with the door closed until Cowperthwaite’s anger cooled down. It was after one “enormous fight” that Cowperthwaite decided to move out of the house.
While the grown children believe the adults were “doing their best” in a difficult situation, they told the author they now take their mother to task for “indulging in a kind of myth-making” in her attempt to whitewash the dismal reality of the home situation. Maggie, the youngest, told the author how she struggled with her mother’s “need to look for the positive” during that time while ignoring the reality of what the children actually suffered.
“[In our family] you can have your confrontations, you can fight, but you can’t say ‘I’m really sad that you and Dad got divorced.’ There’s so much guilt that [we] adults have… [and we have] to live that myth, so the adults [my two moms and dad] can feel it’s okay,” she said.
Maggie now calls it “really hard” to have grown up in such a dysfunctional family. She says it’s “terrifying” trying to figure out what is normal, but to this day she has “never felt comfortable” when shown what is considered “conventional.”
“I’ve tried it on, but it just doesn’t work,” she said.
Wynne feared new woman getting between her and her children 
When Cowperthwaite met another woman named Sue and brought her into the family to be with the children, Wynne immediately felt “threatened.” She feared her husband and his new lover would take the children. She quickly made it clear to Sue that nobody was getting between her and her children. 
Rounthwaite explains it this way: “Sue was now in the privileged position as the partner of this wealthy heterosexual man in a much more socially acceptable family unit. She had what Kathleen had given up, really, and the only thing Kath had left of that was the kids. And if Sue and Phil really had wanted, they probably could have gotten the kids, too. That was the fear.” 
A new generation of kids
Now thousands of parents in Ontario fear that Wynne’s push for even more explicit discussions of sexuality in the province’s classrooms could do lasting damage in their own families.
Critics argue that the proposed curriculum contains too much explicit information too early and contains a clear agenda to promote “gender identity” ideology and other socially liberal sexual values. In the curriculum children learn from the earliest ages about “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and accepting “diversity.” They also learn that anal and oral homosexual practices are biologically and morally equivalent to vaginal sex.
Not once in the entire curriculum do the words love, marriage, or responsibility appear in relation to sex.

coincidence maybe ? 

Justin Trudeau attended the same school as his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Wife Sophie Gregoire, the Jesuit-run College Jean-de-Brebeuf.

Obama’s Jesuit Connections Surface

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