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Apologies to Canada's Chinese diaspora: of course there's the other side of the story, conveniently gone missing

Vancouver to formally apologize for history 

of discrimination against Chinese Canadians

  • In 2014, Vancouver councillor Raymond Louie introduced a motion calling for a review of past municipal policies that discriminated against citizens of Chinese descent.
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  • In 2014, Vancouver councillor Raymond Louie introduced a motion calling for a review of past municipal policies that discriminated against citizens of Chinese descent.[an anonymous submission sent to me for this blog] 
    UBC History Professor, Henry Yu 

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    I have been watching some clips of Henry Yu. Is he teaching history ? Do you see any spin? Did the Chinese build the Canadian railroad ? Only partially were the Chinese employed building the BC portion, non of the rest. Not even  half of the work on the BC side. 

    According to Yu...White people arrived in Vancouver and witnessed all the Chinese and natives and thought "we must get rid of them" Where did he dig up this [fact] ? He definitely has a vivid imagination ? He sounds like he should be teaching in a mainland China university not a Canadian one. That the Chinese were displaced along with the natives by White people; what utter nonsense. That the Chinese were here first ? This is what he is teaching. The issue that alarms one is that this is the same kind of bogus claim that China has used to crack down and police Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, using the same reasoning, taking  islands away from The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam  and Japan as well as their claim over the entire nation of Mongolia, using a saying of Ghangis Khan and a Chinese emperor this also means that all the lands between western Europe and China are also Chinese.
    "Chinese like natives",most don't even know a polite term to call them in Chinese. HUNG FAN is very derogatory. If you want to see for yourself call a Chinese national a WONG FAN with WONG meaning yellow as HUNG means red and FAN means FOREIGN uncivilized barbarian. Did the Chinese write the laws that are largely responsible for why Canada is such a great nation ? He is forgets [or chooses selectively, not to mention] how the Chinese as a rule think of Filipinos, Natives, People of Colour or Caucasians. 
    I read a very interesting book, "The Trail Of 1858", documenting the BC Gold Rush. Our first governor deliberately tried to lure non-white immigrants in the hope that they would be more willing to fight the Americans who were flooding into BC and as this is how Britain lost Oregon by Americans flooding into Oregon and then merely assuming Oregon as their own. This is a highly emotive and offensive statement by Henry Yu PhD, that white people arrived by train, the railroad that the Chinese built and saw all the Chinese and Natives about and thought "we must get rid of them", is indeed false. Of all the non-white migrants [excluding the Chinese] that came to BC only a head-tax was put on the Chinese; I find it hard to believe that White Pioneers wereintrinsically evil, it most likely had to do with the obvious mentality that is explained in the paragraph below
    So therefor by applying his reasoning, stating [a so called fact] that White Americans were flooding in and could very easily takeover but rather to state the obvious that the Chinese were hoping and trying to takeover by flooding their population in as they have in so many places is racist ? In the late 1800's some towns were half Chinese in population. I highly doubt that the Chinese were any less racist than indeed they are now. 
    When the Chinese percentage of a population balloons over all others they then reveal their true nature and and surely would have been alarming to the pioneers of said era. 
    I find it incredulous to assert that Canadians have ever been seen as racist as the Chinese definitely were then , now, or in any other eras, regardless. 
    And yet another fallacy [the tweaking of historical events seems to be Yu's devilishly special talent], that white people came to Vancouver and saw all these Chinese and natives and thought [Yu]" let's get rid of them" The few Chinese that were fortunate to live in Canada did not mix with Canadians as a rule and worked in often laundries, as houseboys etc... I doubt any white person remembers their grandparents as being so racist that they would have thought "let's get rid of them" if they saw some Chinese in Canada. What I am certain is that Hernry Yu's deceitful agends is to make Chinese a founding culture of Canada with equal status with English and French because there were some fortunate individuals living here during the gold rush and later doing some of the labour work in the one province British Columbia. If Canada is founded by Chinese then it is a Chinese province that must be returned to China as Taiwan Tibet Mongolia Manchuria and Russia as Ghengis Khan is claimed to be a Chinese leader in Chinese history books now. Chinese think in the long term and as the Tibetans were being genocided since their being taken over.
    Noticeable as their role was in Vancouver, the Chinese played a microscopic role in Canada`s history. In 1901, 96 percent of the Canadian population was European in origin; there were only 17, 043 Chinese immigrants (born outside Canada) relative to a population of 5.3 million. Vancouver, with the highest Chinese proportion throughout Canada’s history, was virtually a white European city from its beginnings in the 1870s to the 1980s. In the 1950s, when the city had been fully developed into a metropolis, the British accounted for about 75 percent of the population, and other Europeans accounted for about 18 percent, whereas the Asian proportion (Chinese and Japanese) accounting for only 3 percent. Patricia Roy's Vancouver, An Illustrated History (1980), exhibits a city that was overwhelmingly British in its architectural landscape, notwithstanding its Chinatown and Little Tokyo. All the major landmarks were British: the Post Office, built 1905-1910; Dominion Trust, the Canadian Pacific Railway station; Canadian Bank of Commerce; the Strand Theater and Birks Building, with their sidewalk canopies in 1933; the Tudor revival style homes in Shaughnessy Heights in the 1920s.
    8 The sports, the education, the legal system -- every institution was British. The Founding Fathers of Vancouver, the Mayors, the magistrates, the school trustees, the chief constables, the physicians, the presidents of the Board of Trade were all British descendants.

    Now Professor Henry Yu is calling for a much higher percentage of Chinese educators to reflect the higher percentage of Chinese students now enjoying the benefits of living in Canada and our education system. Henry Yu though enjoying the benefits of living in Canada and the benefits being employed by one of Canada's prestigious universities is allowed to teach outright falsehoods and half truths. If our education system is taken over by his fellow Chee Gong Tong brothers then how many falsehoods would they influence students with ? This is what I believe is their aim in asking for a much higher percentage of Chinese school administrators and teachers. The Chinese think in the very long term. It does seem obvious to me that Professor Henry Yu is trying to lay a false claim to be used later to justify moves contrary to the best interests of non Chinese Canadians.

    Can you imagine a white person talking about white persecution as this Henry Yu talks about Chinese persecution by whites ? Even a Klansman or a Nazi would tell him to shut up. If racism is the issue then why is there no mention of Chinese persecution of Mongols in Mongolia ,Tibetans in Tibet ,Polynesians in Taiwan etc.... ? Henry Yu is obviously a dangerous fanatic. Does white treatment of Chinese at any time compare to the treatment of Indonesian maids in Hong Kong today ? Many are working 7 days a week in spite of the law demanding they get one day off a week. One woman beat her Indonesian maid with a stick until she was hospitalized with broken bones and only got a 500 HK$ fine [ approximately 80 C$ ] . I read the entire 1996 edition of The Rough Guide To China [ approximately 1,200 pages and in at least two provinces the governor ordered ALL foreigners killed including woman and children and they were. How is it that Professor Henry Yu doesn't feel this is worth mentioning ? Have Canadians ever done this to Chinese ? If you don't believe that Chinese men are far more racist than whites then learn Chinese. Sidney Lau has a superb series of books for learning Cantonese. I will warn you though that they will try to get some people to keep an eye on you as they will be worried about any Canadian finding out about their many FAN QING FU MING activities against Canada and Canadians. Filipinos are coming to Canada now and I don't hear any of them complaining about how evil white people are ? They like us and try to be Canadians and most Canadians including me like them too. They don't get alarmed that I speak Tagalog as most Chinese men do that I speak Chinese.

    The reason that Chinese were excluded is that one doesn't need to understand their oaths and rituals and that in these oaths and rituals the QING refer to the non-people who let them immigrate. FAN QING FU MING means overturn- FAN the uncivilized FOREIGN barbarians- QING and it is common knowledge that FU MING means support Chinese. Chinese immigrants know that it is the goal of many Chinese to take over. Ask a Malaysian or a Thai how they like being taken over by Chinese.It is a very safe bet I believe that this UBC history professor Henry Yu is a member of a tong [ the Chee Gong Tong that is ] which has FAN QING FU MING among it's oaths and rituals and this tong also includes all top triad members all over the world as are top Chinese espionage employees, top Chinese military [ including top Chinese Canadian officers enjoying the benefits of being in the Canadian military while being sworn brothers of top Chinese military personnel ], top leaders of other tongs, top Chinese politicians [ including Canadian Chinese politicians enjoying the benefits of living in Canada with Canadians ] ,top Chinese police all over the world etc.... Kill the Qing destroy the Qing, exterminate the Qing etc... is also in the along with FAN QING FU MING. I have read that UBC professor Henry Yu is wants higher Chinese immigration to Canada to atone for the head tax which did prevent many Chinese from coming here. Now is it simply coincidence that one of the ways Chinese uses to take over nations is to flood a country with Chinese citizens ? If white people are such inherently evil white supremists here then why isn't he encouraging Chinese in Canada to get on refugee boats and flee Canada ? I have not seen him complaining once about the ONE BILLION DOLLARS that Canada loses per month to Chinese spying. I don't see him talking about how CSIS has found that Chinese Canadiscams will spy for China for free if asked and that Chinese Intelligence agencies don't even expect to have to pay a Canadian Chinese to spy for them against Canada and Canadians. As Henry Yu frequently mentions white supremists are not ALL those who take oaths and rituals which include FAN QING FU MING not Chinese supremists and sworn enemies of Canada and Canadians ? Being a member of this tong not only makes him a sworn brother of all top Chinese mafia [ triads ] all over the world but also Chinese intelligence agencies,top Chinese military,top Chinese government,top Chinese politicians, top Chinese businessmen etc...

    Don't be fooled by humble behaviour. If one reads The Asian Mind Game ... 0892563524

    One will discover that Chinese get applauded for behaving in a different manner to deceive the enemy. China's top heroin smuggler [ a trillionaire ] behaves as though he is a meek little elderly man. In reality the non Chinese wife of a highly connected Chinese man told me that her husband says that this man is far more vicious that Stanley Ho the man who used to have a monopoly on the gambling in Macau. The Asian Mind Game is a must read for anybody doing business with Chinese.

    For a good basic understanding of Chinese history and the Chinese business empire I recommend Lords Of The Rim by Sterling Seagrave ... Of_The_Rim You will get a good idea of how Chinese cooperate together to take over the economies of nations and of what a merciless culture they come from. 

    Here is a paragraph from pages 243-244 in Lords Of The Rim 2010 China's Renaissance. 
    General Chen Yi's henchmen, including Mainland gangsters, engaged in wholesale extortion, kidnapping, embezzlement, and black marketeering. Any Taiwanese who dared to complain was branded a communist and a traitor, his property was expropriated, and he was clapped in jail. In a few months, Taiwan was ruined. Food ran out, cholera and bubonic plague struck. Despite their fear , people began to protest. On February 28, 1947, KMT soldiers beat a street vendor. When an angry crowd gathered, the soldiers shot them down, touching off riots that escalated into island-wide rebellion and demands for self-rule. Buying time General Chen Yi began negotiations, while KMT reinforcements poured over from the mainland. Fifty thousand troops were unleashed against the civilian population. All doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers, and students were rounded up and shot, wiping out a generation of leaders. Mass executions took place all over the place everywhere. An assistant US Navy attaché saw civilians "bayoneted ... without provocation ... students tied together, being driven to the execution grounds. ... One foreigner counted more than thirty young bodies in students uniforms lying along a roadside east of Taipei; they had had their noses and ears slit or hacked off, and many had been castrated. Two students were beheaded near my front gate." More than 50,000 civilians were slain, none of them "aboriginals" Compared to the 1989 crackdown at Tienanmen, this was a major bloodbath. Yet there was no great international outcry against the KMT.

    If a business owner becomes fairly successful he or she can expect a visit from a triad offering protection. If he or she refuses then the business owner will get a threat and if he or she still refuses then a worker or manager etc... will be beaten, the next time the owner will get beaten and if the owner still refuses then the owner will get killed. Do whites this to Chinese immigrants ? Chinese execute far more people than the rest of the world combined. Often using mobile execution vans and from two reliable sources they often use air to euthenise. These people are killed for organ harvesting, often without trial. I was told that they use air and refuse the doctors to use anesthetics. It's more cost effective I suppose.

    During the Chinese civil war both sides ate prisoners of war. [ The Rough Guide To China 1996 edition ] Did we ever do this to Chinese ? How come Henry Yu doesn't feel the need to teach this historical fact. 

    Speaking two Chinese languages I see the huge number of Chinese everyday in Vancouver who don't speak English at all. I often ask them how they came to Canada and very often they had a good looking daughter who married a Chinese Canadian man who then was able to get them in. I was offered 30,000 Canadian dollars about 20 years ago to do a scam marriage to get a Chinese family in. Chinese who have no loyalty to Canada and whose loyalty is to China naturally don't have a problem with doing this. I was told   almost 20 years ago that I could have pressed for more money back then. I wouldn't be surprised if the money now to do this scam is huge. Our citizenship is a huge industry for the triads and it appears that Henry Yu is helping them with his claims that Chinese should be a founding language of Canada. This false claim of Henry Yu isn't simply about giving Chinese language better representation. Prime Minister Harper has made it significantly more difficult for immigrants to come to Canada if they don't speak English or French which must be cutting into the profits of the triads Canadian citizenship industry and the Chinese governments efforts to flood us with their excess people in hopes that these immigrants can take us over.The Chinese government also is in on this industry as overseas communities are seen by them as their Fifth Columns/Trojan Horses.

    Now why is it that Henry Yu has no interest in righting this historical wrong? Does anything that white Canadians have done compare to the countless other similar Chinese wrongs? If white Canadians is the past and colonial mentality and Chinese controlling Canada is the future is this what non Chinese Canadians deserve for our allowing Chinese to flood in in the numbers that Henry Yu would like to see ? 
    It should also be kept in mind that though UBC history professor Henry Yu constantly carries on about white racism in Canada surely he must know that while he enjoys a far better salary and is treated far better at a Canadian university than he would if his dream came true of Chinese taking over Canada. White and other non Chinese university professors at Chinese universities have many people watching them at all times for things to use against them which Henry Yu also surely knows yet there is no comments from him on this fact. If Canada is so racist then why is it that Vancouver has a Chinese police chief ? No city in China would even allow a non Chinese to be a police chief. It also has occurred to me that these same people that are enjoying all the benefits of living in Canada who whine about wrongs they believe white people are responsible for and have absolutely nothing good to say about white people yet even though they are free to leave this land and people they believe mistreats them so horribly they do not want to leave and encourage us to allow more of their countrymen to come to Canada. The reason that they have nothing good to say about us is because they don't like us and often hate us. Do we really need more people who hate us and support Chinese taking us over ? 


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