Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Chinese money laundering going on for yrs

Money Laundering going on for yrs


Connections: Chinese Smuggled Fentynal and money laundering, question period
Ear splitting silence over the importation of Fentynal, the sudden real estate boom and money laundering

Following criminal Chinese money into Canadian real estate

British Columbia's attorney general says a report on money laundering makes clear that proceeds of crime have been laundered through the province's casinos for many years.
David Eby says in a news release he's reviewing the report by former RCMP deputy commissioner Peter German and it will provide a strong foundation to make effective decisions aimed at ending the illegal activity.
Eby says the report makes 48 recommendations and he will provide a fuller response at a later date.
The attorney general was in Ottawa last week to discuss the issue of money laundering with members of the House of Commons finance committee.
Eby has called for more resources to help police follow up on leads identified by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, an independent agency tasked with detecting, preventing and deterring money laundering.
He also wants the purchase of luxury cars tracked in areas including the Lower Mainland, saying the practice can be used to reintroduce illegal cash into the economy.

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