Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thoughts [mine]

Thoughts [mine] 

Image result for Chinese UN Peace Keepers
Image result for Chinese UN Peace Keepers
Peace keeping...LOL

Image result for Man on a trade mission: Chancellor George Osborne addresses the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong earlier this week.
China buys up Britain...
Image result for China buys up Australia
China buys up Australia 

Image result for China buys up Canada
China buys up Canada

Image result for China buys up the US
China buys up the US

Our ignorant [corrupted] PM's are handing over the keys to our [Canadian Sovereignty & Security] our kingdom and the jewels in the crown, ...Canadian OIL,major Real Estate, Ports and Land! It was very obvious when Harper showed his true colours that he was managed by another power when he handed over one of Canada's biggest oil companies [NEXEN] without due process, public consultation and discussion/debate in parliament. A secret and therefor a treasonous act. No one knew until the dirty deed was done. China acquired it with a proviso that they could sue Canada over not getting  "their due product" it in time for [14 years!]. They have us by the balls.
What do you think they have been doing all these years but storing up supplies for a global event. Look at all the commodities they have been buying around the world all these years like they were going out of style and where have they been used...They haven't! Stored Away.  
Yes they will survive without oil in the short term...and yes its the weakest link, energy, but they now can outlast all other countries when a 'global catastrophe' occurs. And that my friends is one they now can initiate. 
Look at all the military secrets they have stolen, look at all the hacking they have been doing...all for what reason you may ask. 
We have been hoodwinked by a "hijacked media", a fog, when all the action in the world has been all about China....Not about the Middle East! The biggest false flag ever created. Keep your eyes on the ball and dont be led by the rigged media. The big picture is China; taking over and cornering markets such as major real estates such as Ports, Media Networks, Power Companies and other infrastructure companies is all part of this process. 
Are you aware that the Chinese contingency in the UN Peace Keeping Corps,so called,[I call Globo'Cop] is the second biggest now! What is that telling you.

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