Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Chinese cases target property in B.C., say lawyers

More Chinese cases target property in B.C., say lawyers

China Citic Bank recently won a so-called Mareva injunction from B.C. Supreme Court, prohibiting the sale of four Vancouver-area homes worth $7.2 million. The homes belong to a couple who were alleged to have “fled China” with an unpaid $10-million loan.

Claire Anderson · 

How do people who have judgements against them for corruption or huge debt in their native land get to be immigrants in Canada? How do they get away with living here and paying no taxes but enjoying the infrastructure we all pay for as WE pay all our taxes. The CRA, provincial and federal governments have a lot to answer for as we in Vancouver are surrounded by Chinese criminals. Bring on the provinical election as a change is imminent.
Justine Jacqueline Hartshorne · 

I totally agree with you! Our government is harbouring and welcoming criminals from China, it has become a national embarrassment and has to be stopped!
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Saraya Grewal · 

Further to Leo's comments. Many clueless Canadians don't understand that many Chinese immigrants who purchase real estate in Canada have family living here part time taking advantage of Canadian services, such as schools, medical system, clean air, roads, etc but pay almost NO income tax because they report poverty level incomes. This in turn grants them the right to take advantage of tax credits and other forms of financial assistance. All this while working middle income earners carry the majority of the tax burden and commute 4 hours a day from the Fraser Valkey. Really sickening since our governments at all levels choose to ignore it all .
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Rossome Marshall
Ask Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, USA how this is working out for them.
Just a hint.... It's not
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Nomis Istvan
Typical Chinese croocks living in multi million dollar houses and collecting welfare. Lets face it,they are too smart for our stupid, useless and corrupted government. Oh, hello Christy you smiley little devil you...
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Leo Kisa
The civil court system may be the only way to do something about the laundering that is going on here. The CRA seems more concerned about write offs for business lunches than the billions being laundered through Canadian real estate while the launderers make massive tax free profits using principal residences while reporting poverty level local incomes (see today's Globe & Mail). In the meantime, Federal politicians are just making things worse.

The Federal Liberals are trying to find more ways to bring "houswives" and "students" to BC to buy more $30,000,000 homes. The Federal Conservatives are knashing their teeth and splitting angel hairs over a self-report "Canadian Values Written Test" for new immigrants. All of them are missing the point.
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