Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fraud Sentencing May Revoke Canadian Citizenship for 1,200 Chinese Immigrants

Fraud Sentencing May Revoke Canadian Citizenship for 1,200 Chinese Immigrants

"Many" applicants fraudulently gained Canadian citizenship

Called the largest immigration fraud of its kind, last week’s sentencing of a Vancouver man who provided services to some 1,200 Canadian immigration applicants may result in the revocation of their successful bids for Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status.

wang xun
Originally from Shanghai, Wang “Sunny” Xun, 46, plead guilty to eight charges stemming from his unlicensed immigration consulting businesses, New Can Consultants (Canada) Ltd. and Wellong International Investments Ltd. Wang was charged with such crimes as fraud, and failing to pay CDN $731,000 in federal income tax.
Wang helped his clients, the majority of whom were from China, obtain citizenship or permanent residency status in Canada by altering their passports and forging stamps to appear as though applicants had resided in Canada for longer than they actually had.
The result of a two-year investigation by Canada Border Services, 165 of Wang’s clients were alleged to have been involved in “significant immigration fraud”. However, Sohu News reports that up to 1,200 immigrants may have been assisted by Wang over the course of five years.
According to immigration expert and senior lecturer at Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology, Barry Cartwright, Wang’s clients may find their citizenship and residency bids in jeopardy: “If it’s egregious enough, if the person knowingly had false visas in their passport to mislead people … they should have their citizenship revoked.”

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