Monday, December 14, 2020

Traitor Trudeau .."So many friends in the room" ...shocking, extremely troubling, his gushing *moist delivery to the enemy of the entire world


How did Canada get to this place..we were not told were we. Meanwhile we have the  international stigma that we host to most spies [Chinese] in the world, yet to be taken into custody. Yes a world record in numbers, all running around freely! Now we have Chinese companies that spy here, state controlled entities such as Huawei. How do you think our neighbours to the south feel about their worst enemy being lauded and cuddled up to by this Boy's socialist/communist antics.  They grinding their collective teeth with anger over this clown. The US and China are now in a war, an asymmetrical war which could get very very bad  any day now with skirmishes already in the South China Sea.  

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