Friday, March 3, 2023

Trudeau Knew Slithers Through And Did Nothing For...10 Years!

Trudeau Knew  Slithers Through And Did Nothing For...10 Years!


China Rules Canada!!!

Canada's Top Liar Desperately Covers Up And Runs Off At The Mouth..Aware That His Political Life Is Finished

Witness Live A Traitor To Canada Who Serves The Interests Of China... ONLY! Just Despicable!

Listen to the Q+ A segment after the formal announcement. 

This Sociopathic/Narcissist Sickens Me...

Trudeau Knew  Slithers Through And Did Nothing For...10 Years!



You know I read something years ago in a small farm town I grew up in. There  was  a statement from an ss trooper. He was talking about how Canadians were feared in the world wars. How we kept coming and didn't let up. We did something very different back then. We actually supported our allies from oppression and fear. We sent our men there to fight for freedom. To protect the innocent. To create a future without fear for them. 

Now Trudeau YOU are the "oppressor". What your doing today is not that, protecting Canada. You are letting in thousands refugees which creating a problem in itself.

 We have companies that rather than hire Canadians are hiring only newcomers. What is that all about. Your deficit is outstanding. You do not support the West even though they are your cash flow. Your father did the same and look how much the West hated the East. You are tearing the country apart. Your the laughing stock of the world. You've abandoned our true allies. You say if we kill our enemies they win. Please tell me how the victims of Brussels won. Doubt I'll receive so much as a PM from you.

 One day if we're attacked in the same way what will our allies do? Will they give condolences to you? Will they send aid? What will you do is the better question? Will you avenge and protect the Canadian people? Or will you sit by and say don't be afraid over a tweet? Or will you firmly tell us to not fear extremists and do not judge?

 I have a feeling you'll protect the newcomers to Canada and leave everyone  on the sidelines. But hey that's my opinion based on your past ways, and I'm sure there's a fair number of Canadians from the west that feel the same way.

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