Friday, March 10, 2023

Trudeau continuously lies when saying he knows nothing about Chinese interference

Trudeau continuously lies when saying he knows nothing about Chinese interference with the Canadian Political System when he himself benefits from their money, as their boy!

March 10 2023

On the afternoon of October 18, CICVISA, 12 members of the China Entrepreneur Club, known as the delegation of China's top rich people, arrived in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.
Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau once again met with representatives of the China Entrepreneur Club at the famous Wilson Cottage and held a round table meeting. This is the second meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau and the China Entrepreneur Club within two months. Next, let's see how awesome this entrepreneur club is?

The China Entrepreneur Club, also known as the Billionaires Club, is composed of the bosses of more than 50 top Chinese companies, and Jack Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, is the chairman of the club. The total annual output value of these enterprises is as high as 585 billion US dollars.

The delegation was led by Ma Weihua, chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club, and included Niu Gensheng, Wang Ruoxiong, Hu Baosen, Wang Chaoyong, Xu Jinghong, Xia Hua, Jiang Xipei, Liu Jun, Ai Xin, Cheng Hong and other business leaders from all walks of life people.

Previously on August 30, Prime Minister Trudeau participated in the China Entrepreneur Club Forum on the first day of his official visit to China, and interacted with nearly a hundred Chinese entrepreneurs.

The China Entrepreneur Club International Visiting Delegation officially visited Canada on October 16, and held a number of activities and exchanges with important Canadian government organizations, business circles and academic circles.

At a roundtable meeting between Trudeau and representatives of the China Entrepreneur Club, the prime minister pledged to expand economic ties with China and began exploring the possibility of bilateral free trade with the world's second-largest economy.

Prime Minister Trudeau attended with his strong cabinet - Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and Innovation, Technology and Economic Development Minister Navidip Singh Bains Round table exchange meeting.

Prime Minister Trudeau delivered a speech. He was very happy to meet and communicate with the Chinese Entrepreneur Club delegation again in the most beautiful season in Canada. He has been committed to promoting free trade between China and Canada. Through the commercial exchanges between China and Canada, he has eliminated the barriers to business cooperation. He also welcomes Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Canada. There will be more substantive cooperation between China and Canada. .

The purpose of the China Entrepreneur Club's trip is to strengthen ties with Canada, focusing on Canada's policy environment, industrial opportunities in economic transformation, and competitive advantages such as talent and technology, and to finance, technology, and cultural consumption. and other industries to communicate.

The China Entrepreneur Club will not only visit Ottawa this time, but will also visit three cities including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. In addition to meeting with the government, there will also be themed exchanges with Bauer Group, Cirque du Soleil, Bombardier, and the Royal Bank of Canada, and with QG100 Entrepreneur Club, Toronto Financial Services Alliance, Canada-China Business Council, Canadian Business Council, The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada held a roundtable dialogue.

Canadian Overseas Enterprise Ontario Investment Corporation Project Requirements

We will never accept foreign interference in our country. Today, we launched consultations on the creation of a Canadian Foreign Influence Transparency Registry. We invite Canadians to share their views on this important tool to protect our institutions.
You trained Chinese soldiers on Canadian soil for winter combat. You took donations from Chinese nationals with affiliations to the Chinese communist party. There already is foreign interference in Canadian politics, & the is the beneficiary to that interference.

Is treason a crime in Canada? Every one who commits high treason is guilty of an indictable offence and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life.

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