Sunday, March 5, 2023

Shockingly 70% of Canada Think The Federal Liberal Government Is behaving cowardly Not Standing Up To China

Even a plurality of Liberal supporters agree. As the Prime Minister continues to hide from calls to hold a public inquiry into China’s interference in our elections, a poll shows  a staggering 70% of Canadians say the Trudeau government is behaving cowardly not standing up to China.

According to the Angus Reid survey, 69% of Canadians agreed with the statement “the federal government is afraid to stand up to China.”

21% disagreed, while 11% said they were “not sure/can’t say.”

The partisan breakdown is notable.91% of Conservatives think the federal government is afraid to stand up to China, a view also held by 62% of NDP supporters and 78% of Bloc supporters.

Interestingly, even 46% of Liberal supporters agreed the federal government is afraid to stand up to China, while 43% disagreed.

Those kinds of numbers demonstrate the significant political challenge facing Justin Trudeau.

Canadian public opinion has turned dramatically against China in recent years, following the kidnapping of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, the viral spread of Covid-19 from China, the cultural genocide/murder of the Uyghurs, the brutal totalitarian fascism operating in Hong Kong, and China’s overall increase in global threat.

With his stubborn resistance to hold a public inquiry, and his apparent willingness  to accept China's status quo in Canada,  Justin Trudeau finds himself offside not only with the broad opinion of the Canadian public, but also his own supporters.

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