Saturday, March 28, 2020

UK: Two Police Stations Locked Down After Chinese Suspect Sneezes

UK: Two Police Stations Locked Down After Chinese Suspect Sneezes

Police fear deadly Coronavirus may spread

Global effort needed against coronavirus outbreak | Editorials ...Two UK police stations on lockdown after Chinese person they ...

Two British police stations were placed on lock-down after a Chinese man they arrested started sneezing and exhibiting other flu-like symptoms.

The Chinese detainee fell ill at Patchway station but only began showing symptoms when he was transferred to Trinity Road station, according to Metro.
The officers who were accompanying the man and an unlucky member of the public who walked into the station to use the restroom facilities were included in the quarantine.
The man said: “When I came out I was told “we have some bad news.”
“They told me to stay after a Chinese national had been arrested at Patchway and the officers had come to Trinity.”
He added: “I was well looked after – the officers even managed to get a Domino’s [Pizza] ordered.”
It was believed that the detained Chinese man could have come into contact with people from Wuhan–where the deadly Coronavirus originated.
A spokesperson said: “At just before 7pm on January 22, staff at the custody unit at Patchway Police Centre became aware of a detainee displaying flu-like symptoms.
“Following precautionary advice from the NHS and health practitioners, Patchway Police Centre was temporarily closed along with Trinity Road Police Station in Bristol, where officers involved in the arrest had travelled to.
“As well as the officers and members of police staff, there was one member of the public at Trinity Road Police Station, who was asked to remain in the building as a precaution while we sought further advice.”
In spite of the concerns raised by the Chinese man’s flu-like symptom, the spokesperson said: “Following expert advice from Public Health England, it was established this was not a case of the much-publicized novel Coronavirus and both stations were fully re-opened at just after midnight.
“The detainee has been given the appropriate medical attention and remains in custody at this time.”
The deadly virus has currently claimed 26 lives and infected hundreds.
In China, five cities have been quarantined and 35 million people face severe travel restrictions to prevent further spread of the virus.

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