Monday, March 16, 2020

Evidence the Media is Helping China Undermine Trump Admin

Evidence the Media is Helping China Undermine Trump Admin

Evidence the Media is Helping China Undermine Trump Admin
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Left-wing American journalists are helping to spread Chinese propaganda in the United States and they are using it to attack President Trump. This dirty movie is coming at a time when many in the country are in a panic over COVID-19. Here is some of the Chinese propaganda being spread:  The Chinese government has been pedaling a conspiracy that suggests the United States created and dispersed the virus in Wuhan China. NBC News helped spread these words and offered little context or criticism of the story. Imagine if a right-wing news site did this while Obama was President, there would be riots!  

 The NYT’s published a piece that was titled ”China Bought the West Time. The West Squandered It”. This piece accused America and other western nations of failing to help China and then failing to help their own people. This is just plain wrong, Chine ripped people from their homes and put them into confinement so the virus could be stopped, they also spent the first few weeks of the outbreak locking up anyone who talked about the virus online. The United States, as well as other western nations, has taken measures to stop the spread of the virus in a way that doesn’t destroy lives and trample civil liberties.

Many left-wing journalists have moved to decry the term Wuhan Virus as racist, xenophobic, and hateful. The term is perfectly fine, it is not racist or xenophobic. The term Wuhan Virus simply describes the origin of the diseases and the Chinese government has held an orchestrated propaganda campaign to make the global populace forget where it originated. 

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The Fix, a part of the Washington Post, published a piece accusing Trump and others of using the virus to stoke nationalism and win the economic war with China, a trade war that has been on hold since the outbreak. This article is nonsensical because it's premise is that the United States government has made a serious effort to make China the fall guy for the spread of the desires, problem is that the Trump administration has made no such efforts and China is to blame for the global spread of this virus. Had the government of China moved to stop the spread early instead of arresting people for talking about it the world would look very different right now.   
  One piece of disinformation that is spreading across the country is the suggestion that there is currently a national quarantine. Anyone suggesting this has got the wrong idea, there is no national quarantine in effect and there likely will not be because states are taking action to stop the spread already.   


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