Tuesday, March 24, 2020

China: Dog Boiled As People Laugh

China: Dog Boiled As People Laugh

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China: Dog Boiled As People Laugh

Warning: reader discretion advised! The dog’s agonizing screams are drowned out by the laughter of the people watching. In one of the most sickening videos, this fully conscious pet dog is wearing a house collar as its being boiled alive. The dog looks very much like a greyhound to me. Its front legs and back legs are tied together to prevent it from leaping out of the vat of boiling water.
The butcher keeps prodding the live dog with a bamboo pole to keep it moving, the same way you would move vegetables around in a wok. But this is not a vegetable – its a live fully conscious dog, screaming for mercy!
 www.FightDogMeat.com, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat
The poor dog’s screams are drowned out by the people’s laughter.
How can anyone not feel even a shred of  sympathy and register that this animal is suffering?
Cooking the dog in this method would take perhaps an hour for the dog to lose consciousness, and longer again for it to actually die. The vat is so shallow the dog can’t even drown to meet an earlier death to escape the inflicted agony. Maybe its because this video comes on the back of a week of Yulin, but I find this almost unbearable to watch without wanting to inflict great pain on this man, and his laughing spectators.
Words have not been invented yet to describe the pain this dog went through, or the depth of the disgraceful behavior all the humans present.

Warning: graphic footage which is upsetting to watch. Viewer discretion strongly advised.



Whoever videoed this footage did not necessarily condone it. In the past I’ve been given videos from family members of dog eaters, who secretly videoed footage specifically for the brutality to be exposed to the world.
Fight Dog Meat will continue to fight this trade and bring you information. As shocking as this video is, we have to keep fighting and never give up until this hideous behavior is outlawed and people like this terrible man can be thrown in jail and imprisoned for a long time.
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