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What are the benefits of Chinese influence on Canada?

What are the benefits of Chinese influence on Canada?

Sam Arora
In case you live in Toronto and haven't noticed the Chinese influence in Canada, you are either too busy and do not have  the time to see the change or you simply do not care.
We have been living in Toronto for a very long time close to four decades.
Chang in the neighborhood: When we moved to this suburb, somehow later it became very popular with Chinese immigrants. Our original community was mostly the second generation of Italians. With the change in the political scene in Hong Kong, mass immigration, Canada had a massive appeal to the overseas Chinese, our neighborhood is now Chinese, 50-80 percent is now Chinese.
  • In the mid-eighties, this was a small little town; today the population has grown many fold.
  • The houses which have been sold now, have been bought by the Chinese and I believe are rented and not owner-occupied.
  • The localities which are popular with the Chinese, where real estate values are undoubtedly much higher.
  • Some Chinese are peaceful, disciplined and often good people.
  • There are several Chinese grocery stores, restaurants, and other service providers.
  • I am very impressed with all, and we do most of our shopping in these stores.
  • Since the Chinese population increased many fold, the schools have a very high percentage of Chinese students.
  • My children were a direct beneficiary of this phenomenon since most of the Chinese kids are cut-throat competitors as a result both boys did exceptionally well.
  • Real Estate values are becoming almost untouchable, where ever there is a dense Chinese population.
  • There are many absent owners and renters moving in the area, so now we do not know who is coming and who is going. Renters are there for a short time and move on. It is good and evil, but the demographics are bringing a lot of instability to once very long range neighborhoods.
  • Chinese food is everywhere here now.
  • Competition in schools, universities and top-rated courses have become very tough.
  • Also, as we know, some Chinese families just came here for residency, they still have their mainstay in China/HK/, they park the families here in Canada and avail all the benefits. However their main earner is somewhere else in the world. Only Government knows how to collect taxes from such families or they are enjoying a good life without paying Canadian taxes.
The Chinese are decent citizens, and I respect them for it. However if and when there are issues in Canada, In a nutshell, I will say the following [which is not very positive].
Every community has it is own, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly points. No one community is washed with holy water including the Chinese.
  • In my view their interference with Canadian Real Estate, I believe it will really hurt  this industry in the long run. Please allow me to say, most of the deals in Real Estate are for speculation. Eventually, it will shut down the young generation of Canadians entering the housing market.
  • Parking families reaping the harvest big time, and contributing virtually nothing their resident country.
  • Hogging the education system. It is known the Chinese community is very close and secretive, most of these students work in groups. 
I was once lab instructor and used to mark the lab reports there used to be lot of similarities in the reports between friends in the same class.
They may pass the grades but in reality it is they who are hurting themselves by not developing as individuals.
This is one of the root cause, the Chinese are very good in producing large scale productions, they have a cooperative nature/a sense of community. However, it is hurting them in original work, new work and thinking outside of the box.
  • They hardly participate in social welfare causes, voluntary programs and any political system participation. At least I did not see very many in the last four decades.
  • For most of the Chinese community their whole world revolves around their own community, many do not learn a word of English, and survive in China Towns/ghettos.
  • Generally the Chinese are decent citizens, however like any other community, they have their fair share of the Bell Curve, some are very rude, bad drivers, racists and have no intention of integration.
  • All extremely nice to you to your face, you try to improve your front yard or do a minor modification on your house, you get a knock from the city inspector. Obviously, they simply call the inspector rather than gently pulling you aside and tell his/her concern. They basically plunge the knife secretively, rather than confronting you and be your loyal friend for ever. 
Most of them will never tell you to your face  the truth or anything negative, that is their culture, and if it is not: Usually they find a quote from Confucius for every moment to justify their action/s.
  • These are some of the issues, which does not let them climb the top of the hill. People remember this sneaky behavior, although you know who did it.
  • I have worked with almost every nationality of world in Canada, it is rare to gain their trust and gain friendship level, unless you are born/brought up as Chinese. (This applies primarily to mainland Chinese)
These are some of the causes that some people in Canada resent them big time,  in spite of all the good points, there is always dark side like anyone else.
  • The biggest resentment of Canadians is they have basically: Hogged and cornered the real estate market in Vancouver and Toronto.

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