With the Premier’s Natural Resource Forum underway, the biggest players in the resource sector are in town.
One of them visited Prince George Council Chambers Monday night.
President of the BC LNG Alliance David Keane provided an update on the seven major proposals he represents.
He says Chinese markets are the only option for BC LNG. “You go back ten years ago and the United States was importing about 15% of its gas supply from Canada. Today that’s probably about 6% and will level off at 4%.”
He noted that the majority of the natural gas used in eastern Canada is actually imported from the United States and Saudi Arabia  at increasingly cheap prices, however ours is cleaner.
Keane went on to say the BC Liberal Government may be over promising when it comes to LNG investment in the province. “In 2004-5 in the United States, they had 51-52 proposed export facilities when North America was running out of its gas supply. If you look at how many actually got built I think there was five.”
There are currently 22 LNG project proposals in the works for BC.
“Sometimes I think we have too much support from the provincial government. At some point in time they are going to have to become the regulator of our industry and not the cheerleader of our industry.” Keane added
Keane listed BC’s close proximity to the Chinese markets as one of provinces key advantages, alongside the cold climate which will help with production.
Challenges include falling fossil fuel prices, competition from other countries and labour shortages.