Monday, May 22, 2023

Five countries secretly sharing intelligence say China is the No.1 threat

Five countries secretly sharing intelligence say China is the No.1 threat 

May 22 2023   

The 25 reasons why China will rule the world

1.    TikTok.

2.    Huawei. (At least some western nations are starting to wake up to this and push back, e.g. the U.S., Canada, Australia).

3.    Hikvision CCTV cameras (believed capable of sending data to China).

4.    The Belt and Road Initiative (Sensibly in Australia, the then prime minister Scott Morrison stopped Victorian premier Daniel Andrews signing up to this).

5.    Continuing to loan finance major construction projects worldwide outside the BRI.

6.    Confucius Institutes – all of which should long ago have been closed down in western universities and colleges.

7.    Monopolising the world’s resources of rare earths, lithium and cobalt, while happily employing child and (virtually) slave labour in the Congo to obtain cobalt with Chinese gangmasters overseeing them. Bolivia has the world’s largest resources of lithium. In 2018 China negotiated to purchase 90 per cent of it, at a price highly favourable to China and unfavourable to Bolivia. The remaining 10 per cent is processed in two factories in Bolivia one of which is owned by China.

8.    China has become the world’s largest manufacturer of EVs, producing good-quality, cheap models. They have a domestic electric car which sells for £3,000. Their increasing penetration of the EV market in the West is destroying the US’s and Germany’s car industries. Like everything else in the anthropogenic global warming hoax the pointless and economically suicidal moves to exit fossil fuel use just hand more and more economic and political power to China.

9.    Cobalt mining: 41 per cent globally is Chinese-owned.
Cobalt refining: 73 per cent in China.
Cathodes: 77 per cent made in China.
Anodes: 92 per cent made in China.
Battery cells: 66 per cent assembled in China
Electric cars: 54 per cent built in China.

10. Pushing the man-made global warming scare in order to destroy western economies which delusionally pursue Net Zero, while selling them poor quality solar panels, and wind turbines, and dominating the world market in them. China produces more than 70 per cent of the world’s solar panels and seven out of the world’s top ten wind turbine manufacturers are Chinese.

11.   Their huge military hardware and personnel expansion.

12.    Purchasing land, property, mines and farmland in foreign countries wherever they are able to.

13.    Supporting Russia and Saudi Arabia, but only for their own ends.

14.    Punishing, by trade and other weapons, any country that says anything critical of them. We are particularly conscious of, and suffering from this here in Australia. Our Trade Minister visited Beijing on May 11 to try to reopen trade in barley, wine, lobsters and timber which had been immediately embargoed by China when Scott Morrison called for an international inquiry into the origins of Covid. I was totally unsurprised when the Trade Minister came back with nothing.

15.    The almost total dependence by the West on manufactured goods from China.

16.   Taiwan.

17.     Tibet.

18.     Covid-19. There is now little doubt that this was developed in a Wuhan laboratory. It was known about by the Chinese authorities two months before it was announced to the world (in contravention of UN obligations to make immediate announcements). They shut down domestic flights while continuing to allow international flights out of Wuhan thereby deliberately exporting the virus. The images of people collapsing in the street in China were a hoax. The severe lockdowns in China set a very good example to be followed in the West at tremendous expense to economies and public health.

19.      Annexing the South China Sea and building artificial islands on coral reefs. The Chinese government said that they would not militarise these islands but immediately did so. When a Chinese trawler collided with a Japanese coastguard vessel off the disputed Senkaku Islands in 2010, China imposed restrictions on the export of rare earths to Japan.

20.      Forcing an Australian drone down in international air space.

21.      Their effective takeover of the World Health Organisation.

22.      Harassing and sanctioning people and their families in the West who make any criticism of China, e.g. Sir Iain Duncan Smith.

23.      Establishing illegal Chinese police stations in Western countries.

24.      Xi Jin Ping.   Xi has anointed himself president for life and at 69 this could mean at least the next 25 years.

25.      Xi has now got Russia heavily dependent on China as a buyer of its oil and gas and a source of imports which defy sanctions.

The list is long and by no means exhaustive. So I do believe that China will eventually take over as the world’s superpower from the enfeebled and infighting USA, unless western leaders grow some spine and get together. But looking around the world can any reader see such leaders?

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