The Dark Side of the Figure of James Riady Chinese Military Intelligence Agent This article tries to discuss the dangers of a James Riady, owner of the Lippo Group. Why is James Riady categorized as a very dangerous person for Indonesia?

We will describe the basis and reasons. James Riady, son of Muchtar Riady, ex-CEO of Bank BCA owned by Liem Sioe Liong (Sudono Salim, the richest man in Indonesia), has a bad reputation. Just like his father, Mochtar Riady, who was coached by Liem Sioe Liong, James Riady was coached by Antony Salim (Liem Sioe Liong's eldest son).

James Riady now manages his business empire Lippo Group, which was inherited by his father. Consists of various types of businesses: banks, property, media etc. Lippo Group was founded by Muctar Riady after Muchtar stopped as CEO of Bank BCA. The Lippo Group then grew to become a conglomerate. However, unlike his father, James Riady, in leading the famous Lippo Group, has a bad reputation. Criminal. Cheats.

Violating the law. The violation of the law was carried out by James Riady in Indonesia and in the US. We have already discussed several violations of the law by James Riady. Among them: James Riady falsified Bank Lippo's financial statements which rocked the Indonesian capital market and caused a crisis of foreign investor confidence.

Bank Lippo is involved in issuing double financial statements which violate the Law on Bank Indonesia Article 49 and is punishable by 10 years in prison. BI and the Bapepam of the Ministry of Finance are investigating the case of doubling the Ministry of Finance's financial statements to find out violations of laws and losses to state finances.

According to the Finance Report per 30 September 2002 which was announced to the public on 28 November 2002, the total assets of Bank Lippo are Rp 24 trillion. Net profit of IDR 98 billion. However, in a report to the JSX on December 27 2002, total assets changed to Rp. 22.8 trillion (decreased by Rp. 1.2 trillion) and a loss of Rp. 1.3 trillion.

Lippo Bank's Lapkeu difference caused quite a stir. It was found that there was a decrease in foreclosed assets (AYDA) of IDR 2.4 trillion. Decrease in foreclosed assets (AYDA) from IDR 2.4 trillion to IDR. 1.4 trillion. As a result, the Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) plummeted. Bank Lippo's CAR fell from 24.77% to 4.23%.

The cause: Manipulation by Lippo Bank management. CAR fell because the collateral used as assets came from the Lippo group: PT Bukit Sentul Tbk, PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk, PT Lippo Securities Tbk, PT Hotel Prapatan Tbk, and PT Panin Insurance Tbk, and so on. BI's audit of Bank Lippo also violated the capital market in the form of insider trading.

Bank Lippo also violated regulations/laws regarding the appointment of Independent commissioners which were not in accordance with the decisions of the JSE (Jakarta Stock Exchange). Bank Lippo was also declared to have violated the Company's AD/RT and the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Lippo Bank was robbed by its own owner. The behavior of robbing a bank itself is not the first time James Riady has done this. Previously, in 1990 it happened in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

The US Bank Examiner found 900 suspicious wire transfer transactions by Lippo Bank, Little Rock, Arkansas. Auditors found more than 900 wire transfers worth $7 million to accounts at Bank China HongKong, which is owned by Lippo & China Resources. All transfers are ordered under false names and approved by only one supervisor. No authorized bank officials claimed to know.

US banking regulators have suggested that the bank be closed, but James Riady persisted by adding US$ 26 million in capital. Roy Tirtadji, managing director of the Lippo group said in an interview that Lippo Bank lost money because it ignored many principles. Later, congressional investigators found out that the Lippo Bank (formerly California Bank) was being maintained because of hidden purposes. The establishment of the bank was only James Riady's strategy to play on the US political scene. Sticking to Clinton who was elected president in 1992.

Much earlier, Mochtar Riady decided to buy Bank Stephen Inc. in the 1970s, a residential banking based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Then Mochtar also bought ownership of Worthen Bank and made James Riady (28 years) Worthen's Co-President. James Riady has a special interest in important people among politicians. James was always looking for opportunities to meet Governor Clinton. Even When Clinton traveled to Hong Kong (1985) James Riady arranged a cruise from Hong Kong, dinner, shopping and cocktail parties.

When Bill Clinton was elected President in 1992, James' father, Mochtar Riady flew to Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Mochtar came especially to congratulate Hillary Clinton on receiving the "Arkansan of the Year" award. He donated $50,000 to Hilary.

In early 1993 James Riady stuck closely to Grobmyer, Clinton's close friend. James also accompanied Grobmyer several times to the White House. Another official closely attached to James Riady is the Presidential Assistant, Middleton, who always invites him to meet President Clinton. In approaching and lobbying Clinton and high-ranking US officials, James Riady was assisted by John Huang, an executive of Lippo Bank.

Then Huang was successfully placed by James Riady as the US high ranking official/Deputy Secretary of Commerce. In September 1995, after James Riady's special meeting with Clinton and James Riady in the Oval Office of the White House, Huang moved to the DNC.

At the DNC or Democratic National Committee, Huang has a special task as a Fund Raiser, aka a collector of Democratic Party donations. In cultivating his influence on Clinton and the White House, James also took former assistant to President Jimmy Carter, Vernon Weaver.

Meanwhile, John Huang, a former Lippo Group executive, continued to act as James Riady's right-hand man and was infiltrated into the White House. Meanwhile, when Senator Al Gore visited Asia in 1989, he was always accompanied by John Huang who was paid by a Buddhist organization, Fo Kwang Shan.

And in 1991, an entity known to the CIA under the guise of Chinese military intelligence bought a stake in Lippo China Bank in Hong Kong. US intelligence agencies (NSA, CIA etc.) recognized China from the start

Resources Co. is a Chinese military intelligence undercover entity. In August 1992, James Riady flew from Indonesia to Los Angeles to take part in a fundraising event for Clinton. FBI investigators proved that James Riady rented a limousine alone with Clinton, handed over US$100,000 and promised an additional US$1 million. However, FBI investigators could only prove Riady and Huang's illegal contribution to Clinton of US$ 700,000 for Clinton's campaign.

The illegal contributions of James Riady and John Huang to Clinton were made through employees of the Lippo Group and its subsidiaries." The majority of illegal contributors do not live in the US. This case exploded. The people and the US Government are asking.

What's the motive? One of the questions Congressional Investigators asked was “Why?”. What does James Riady hope to do with Bill Clinton's funding?

The US Congress and the People believe James Riady/Lippo is the Chinese government's main espionage operation technique, which deliberately bribed the American President. Its goals are manifold for China's interests: trade, compromising US security and stealing US military secrets and technology. Moreover, US Congress Investigators succeeded in dismantling James Riady's network of operations which involved more than one hundred people, the majority of whom were Chinese. Investigators from the US Congress called them the “bamboo network” or “Operation Bamboo Network”. During his time as Clinton's close friend, James succeeded in urging the US President to return the status of "most favored by the nation" to China.

James Riady also successfully persuaded Clinton to relax economic sanctions against China, imposed after the Tiananmen Square massacre. Clinton, like Jokowi, his campaign was significantly funded by James Riady. Clinton obeyed James Riady. Fulfill many suggestions. In June 1993, two weeks after China was given the status of "most favored by the nation", Riady made a profit of US$ 163 million at China Resources (formerly Lippo Bank Hongkong). China Resources Ltd's profit raised its share price by > 50% above market value. Riady made a big profit for the second time / doubled.

James, with his influence, managed to prevent Clinton from wanting to cancel the FBI's attack on the Christian fanatic congregation of David in Waco Texas, 19/4/93. As a result of the FBI attack dozens of men, women and children were killed and seriously injured. Clinton and James watched the tragedy in the Oval Office of the White House. Clinton even had time when the National Tragedy happened by giving Riady a bonus tour to see “the Situation Room” in the White House. It was a far cry from the Lippogate scandal that later earned President Clinton the nickname "China's First US President".

James and the Riadys were able to show the world their special relationship with President Clinton during the 1993 APEC Summit in Seattle, Washington. Even the Lippo Group was given a special task to organize Indonesian businessmen when they visited Little Rock, Arkansas, before the APEC peak.

There is a special agreement between the State of Arkansas and RI that must be signed during the APEC Summit by President Clinton and President Soeharto. And James Riady was in the midst of the two heads of state as a witness as well as the initiator and initiative of the Arkansas and RI agreement. During the 1993 APEC Summit, Clinton held a meeting with President Suharto, together with James Riady, despite protests from Clinton's staff. Clinton met Suharto again during the G-7 summit in Tokyo in July 1993, and later sent a handwritten note to James Riady.

In that handwriting, President Clinton said he really enjoyed his meeting with President Suharto. At the APEC Summit in 1994, which Indonesia hosted, President Clinton spent more time with James Riady. Clinton and Riady's serious conversation stopped only to pose in a batik shirt with New Zealand PM Jim Bolger.

Riady is amazing! In 1994, US Trade Minister Ron Brown visited China bringing in an “unprecedented” US$5.5 billion in trade deals. This includes a $1 billion package deal for an Arkansas company that manages the Lippo Business at a 725 MW PLTU in Fujian China. In April 1994, Clinton was forced to fire Deputy US Attorney General, Web Hubbell, due to fraud allegations related to the Rose Lawfirm & Whitewater Scandal. Hubbell was known to collude with James Riady and John Huang.

White House records they met daily from 21 – 25 June 1994. Hubbell met Riady on 23 June 94 and 4 days later Hubbell received US$100,000 from Riady via HongKong China Bank. James Riady pretended to place him on the Payroll of the Lippo Bank Group, which US intelligence agencies suspected belonged to Chinese military intelligence. Hubbell was then jailed on charges of accepting bribes and allegedly collaborating with Lippo, who was suspected of being a cover for Chinese military intelligence. President Clinton said he did not know anything about the betrayal of his trusted official, until he found out from the press.

Less than 2 weeks after the Hubbell Case, President Clinton appointed John Huang as assistant US Secretary of Commerce. John Huang officially withdrew from the Lippo group by receiving a bonus of US$ 800,000 from James Riady.

The assistant to the Minister of Trade, J Huang, was later found to have issued a temporary security clearance permit for export sales of weapons technology to China. Congressional investigators later learned that Huang had attended 37 CIA briefings on encryption technology that Huang passed on to China. John Huang left the CIA building a short time later and went to the Lippo office, where he made phone calls and faxed them overseas locations. US intelligence later discovered that Huang had transferred classified trade information to the Lippo Group headquarters in Jakarta. Huang is known to have made 70 deliveries and during that time, China's influence in Washington grew exponentially.

During 1994 and 1995, the Clinton administration allowed AT&T to sell secure communications systems to the Chinese army. In a deal known as “Hua Mei” that backfired dramatically for the US. China is repeating the encryption technology. And re-exported to Iraq for use in Iraqi air defense systems. President Clinton was involved in the sale approval. In short, John Huang and James Riady are strongly suspected of being Chinese military intelligence agents who infiltrated the US government through Clinton. (TGR)