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The Iranian people will never accept any “Secret Treaty” with China or any Other Country

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October 25 2020

The Iranian people will never accept any “Secret Treaty” with China or any Other Country

Let us start off by highlighting the upmost respect for the relationship between the people of Iran and China which is as a result of the rich and meaningful culture our two nations have, dating back thousands of years. Both our civilizations preceded to be one of the first in the world and we realize with this comes with a level of pride and duty, this fact is well known and highly respected in the international community.

May we bring it to your kind attention that forty-one years ago, our homeland Iran with its rich culture and history, was taken over by a group of non-nationals. These non-nationals have no Persian roots whatsoever yet over years have negotiated secret non-binding contracts pertaining to Iran’s natural and economic resources with foreign countries. In today’s world ,under public international law, secret treaties are deemed void.

We have learned that the Islamic Republic, with its new economic gain’s ploy, has once again engaged in a long term 25-year contract with the Peoples Republic of China which would give your country the right to use and extract our natural resources such as oil and gas.

This secret endeavor by the Islamic Republic, without the knowledge of the people of Iran, is against international law and goes contrary to “Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations” that outlaws all secret treaties.

In view of the above the we undersigned hereby declare that this “secret” treaty is null and void and in the free and democratic Iran of tomorrow we will not recognize it as valid.


اجـازه دھـید بـا كـمال احـترام، افـتخار و اشـاره بـھ روابـط عـمیق ھـر دو مـلت ایـران و چـین كـھ بـھ ھـزاران سـال پـیش بـرمـیگردد و بـا فـرھـنگ و تـمدن عمیقی كـھ از ھـر دو كـشور در جـامـعھ جـھانی گـوشـزد ھـمگان اسـت بـھ عـرض بـرسـانیم كـھ چھـل و یـكسال پیش كـشور بـا فـرھـنگ و تـاریـخى ایـران تـوسـط یـك گـروه وابسـتھ، بـىریـشھ و ضـد مـلى بـھ تـصرف درآمـد و در عـرض ایـن سـالـھا تـمامـى مـنابـع اقـتصادى و طـبیعى كـشور ایـران بـوسـیلھ ایـن گـروه و تـحت قـراردادھـاى ّى و بـر خـلاف قـوانـین بـین الـمللى بـھ كـشورھـاى دیـگر واگـذار ً ضـد مـنافـع مـل غیرمـتعارف و كـامـلا شده است. اخـیرا مـطلع شـدیـم كـھ در امـتداد چنین سیاسـتھایی جـمھورى اسـلامـى بـار دیـگر و در طـى یـك قـرارداد بـلند مـدت ٢٥ سـالـھ امـتیاز اسـتخراج و اسـتفاده از مـنابـع طـبیعى بسـیارى از جـملھ نـفت و گـاز را بـر خـلاف تـمام مـنافـع مـلى ایـران و بـدون اطـلاع مـلت ایران بـھ كـشور جـمھوری خـلق چین واگذار نموده است. لازم اسـت مـتذكـر شـویـم كـھ دولـت جـمھوری اسـلامی نـمایـنده مـلت ایـران نیسـت و ھـرگـونـھ قـراردادى كـھ مـخصوصـا در سـالـھاى اخـیر و بـدلـیل فـرار از تحـریـمھاى بـین الـمللى بـین ایـن بـانـد ً جـمھوری خـلق چـین بسـتھ شـود بـدلـیل مـاھـیت ضـد مـلى مـافـیائـى و كـشورھـاى دیـگر مـخصوصـا آن، از طـرف مـلت ایـران مـردود و از درجـھ اعـتبار سـاقـط اسـت و در فـردای آزادی ایران ملغى خواھد شد


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