Saturday, October 24, 2020

More Than 60 CIA Agents Were Killed by the CCP Because of Joe Biden’s Betrayal


More Than 60 CIA Agents Were Killed by the CCP Because of Joe Biden’s Betrayal

According to the news of LUDE Media, in order to achieve the trust of Chinese Community Party and achieve more money, more than 60 CIA agents were killed by the CCP because Joe Biden gave the list of these people’s names.

There are 36 agents were working in the crucial department, including over 20 people were from national security department. The rest of people were also the insiders of the certain aspects. These people knew the top-secrets of CCP. They were shocked by what they saw and realized the evil nature of the CCP . They wanted to change these situations and tried to overthrow the brutal CCP regime. They believed that America could help them and bring them freedom and hope. But they were betrayed by Joe Biden. Their families and them were killed because of Joe Biden’s greed and CCP’s evil.

The people on the list were executed very sudden without any trial or investigation. Some of them were informed to have a meeting, then the people from the PLA

Security Dept. shot those CIA agents one by one just in the meeting room.

One of them called Tong BaoGuo, she and her families, all three were killed together. Also there was a pregnant woman, her due date was around 10 days, but she was killed without any mercy.

Maybe this massacre didn’t need to happen. But Joe Biden used these people as a bargaining chip for political transactions to obtain the cooperation with Xi Jinping . Then Joe Biden could contain his authority in the USA with the help of CCP . Also he and his family could get more money and other evil service from China.

Actually, Chinese people never give up fighting for their democracy and freedom. But the CCP and some evil politicians killed them and erased their deeds. They are too scared that people known the truth and work together to overthrow their rule. Meanwhile Joe Biden is a devil. Today he can sacrifice Chinese life, tomorrow he can sacrifice American life in a variety of ways. Because he just care about his authority and wealth.

The CCP and Joe Biden have to pay for their actions. Also in order to protect our democracy and freedom, people from all over the world should fright with these evil governments and evil politicians together.

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