Monday, January 22, 2024

CCP demand piano player in a public place stop filming because they were in the background


CCP demand piano player in a public

place stop filming because they 

were in the background

YouTuber Brendan Kavanagh was showing off his musical skills before a contingent of people waving Chinese flags demanded he stop filming.
 Mon, Jan 22, 2024

A video showing the moment a group of people waving Chinese flags demand a pianist to stop filming during a light-hearted performance has sparked fury. YouTuber Brendan Kavanagh posted a video on his DrKBoogieWoogie channel showing him tinkling the ivories at London's St Pancras International station as busy commuters ferried past.

But as the clip rolls a number of people waving Chinese flags can be seen in the background who eventually come over to the musician and tell him he is "not allowed" to film.

A bemused Mr Kavanagh debates why he should have to stop filming pointing out to the group of males and females, who say they are filming for Chinese TV, that "in the UK it's a free country".

In one exchange he says: "We are in Great Britain, we are not in China."

Mr Kavanagh asks if he will get in trouble with the Chinese government for filming to which a woman who is telling him to stop filming replies, "maybe not".

One man with the group also asks the musician to stop recording before adding they do "love his music" but demands he not film them. In a heated moment one of the group, who will not say if they are from China, shouts at Mr Kavanagh.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police can be seen discussing the incident with Mr Kavanagh but by the end of the video on his YouTube channel the musician has resumed playing the piano.

Speaking to Mr Kavanagh said his video had encapsulated a clash of cultures for many people. Mr Kavanagh joked: “It’s almost created a diplomatic incident.

“It’s caught people’s imagination because I think it has so many contemporary and cultural issues that people are concerned about.

“If you watch the video they are constantly talking about ‘their rights’, and constantly telling me what I am not allowed to do.

“I think a lot of people have got really angry with that. If the roles were reversed and I was over in China waving around Union Jacks and telling Chinese people what they couldn’t do, would that have been appropriate?”

Mr Kavanagh added that group was trying to take his video of the incident down from social media.

Reacting to how the Chinese flag carriers responded to Mr Kavanagh playing the piano, one person on the social media site X wrote: "If you go to a country, you respect that countries (sic) rules. If it's legal to film, it's legal to film."

Another person asked: "How can someone be asked to stop filming in a public place? If you have any issues, just move away. Arrogant ladies."

Pointing out the physical situation, someone else noted: "They have the right to move their bodies with their own free will, piano is stationary."

The ridiculously sensitive Communist Chinese are demanding that they are not to be filmed when they are away from China.
This happened yesterday in London UK in a public space. A fight almost broke out, then they had the nerve to call the local police to enforce their demands. One man, fixing to cause a fight, shouted at the top of his lungs at a piano player that he "touched" his friend then wanted to take a swing at the player after the player said he had a Communist flag , claiming that was racist .....Total Madness!

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