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Brit piano player accidently exposes infamous ChiCom Spy on video while filming performance

Brit piano player accidently exposes infamous ChiCom Spy on video while filming performance

Jan 26 2024

Christine Lee,

How China uses spy network of ‘sex & cash to woo US & UK officials’ as ‘Communist agent’ found at heart of Westminster

Sept 11 2023

The United States and the United Kingdom are being infiltrated by Chinese spies who are using "sex and cash" to woo top officials, has learned.

MI5 chiefs are sounding the alarm after a suspected Communist agent was found in the center of Westminster.

Christine Fang is believed to have been a spy who had a sexual relationship with U.S. politician Eric Swalwell. 

The spies are believed to be using the tactics to steal secrets from Western countries.

This week, an alleged Chinese spy was arrested while being accused of getting his hands on classified information. Officials believe the man received access to highly sensitive information in one of the biggest spy plots in Westminster.

"This is a major escalation by China. We have never seen anything like this before," a Whitehall source told The Sunday Times.

China President Xi Jinping
China President Xi Jinping 's country has been accused of attempting to influence U.S. elections. 

Allegations of Chinese spies infiltrating the United Kingdom have been cited for some time now, and some say the recent findings might just be tip of the iceberg.

The latest allegations add more speculation to Chinese maneuvers after the country was found to have had secret police stations operating in Britian.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak addressed Chinese premier Li Qiang that he has “significant concerns about Chinese interference in the UK’s parliamentary democracy” during a G20 summit.

Christine Lee has been accused of trying to influence UK officials. 

UK Justice Secretary also warned that "China is an epoch-defining challenge" and that the country's government is taking claims of espionage "extremely seriously."

Allegations of Chinese spies in the United State and United Kingdom are nothing new. The U.S. previously sentenced Chinese spy Xu Yanjun to 20 years in prison for attempting to steal trade secrets within the country.

Yanjun was convicted of trying to steal classified information from U.S. and French aviation and aerospace companies.

The United States sounded the alarm that China was a spy threat, though Beijing called such allegations "pure fabrication."

Xu Yanjun was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempting to steal U.S. trade secrets.

Officials have also alleged that China has used a group of "honey trap" spies to lure U.S. and UK officials for sex. The network included beautiful women who joined LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with officials.

It is believed the women would sleep with the officials and then use their influence over them to gain access to secret information that would then be relayed back to China.

According to The Sun, the Chinese beauties would target not only top officials but also aides, staffers and interns.

One former official, Ian Clement, formerly Boris Johnson's No. 2 when he was London Mayor, said he believes he was lured into sex with a Chinese spy at one point. The alleged honey trap took place when he was in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.

Christine Lee was accused of trying to get information from former UK Labor Jeremy Corbyn. 

American politician Eric Swalwell was reported to have had a relationship with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang as well. Known as Fang Fang, the suspected Chinese spy is said to have had sex with two mayors and targeted other U.S. officials in order to gain influence and information.

Then, in 2022, MI5 alerted Western leaders to Christine Lee, who was accused of trying to lure Labor MP Barry Gardiner and other top officials.

The Chinese Embassy in London denied claims of espionage, saying, "We have no need and never seek to 'buy influence' in any foreign Parliament."

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