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By now, you’re probably aware that China is a formidable adversary, particularly with our current leader in office who has no real authority or control. Decades of past failed US leadership has enabled China to act recklessly. And we’re very sad to report that one of their most devious schemes has been realized, and it involves the ocean and the global seafood supply. Brace yourself, because what we’re about to disclose is genuinely alarming.

This is the tweet that sparked it all… an exposé on how China has been literally draining the world’s food supply, devastating the ocean, and setting up other nations to starve down the road. We’re not joking, and this has all been unfolding right under our noses, with all our leaders fully aware.

Here are closeups of the images.

This post discusses the “floating fishing cities” that China uses to nab up all the fish and destroy the entire ecosystem. Everyone knows about this, but because of some “loophole” China is allowed to continue, but you can’t use a plastic straw. Do you see the utter stupidity here?


In this image, the unidentified author points out that the harm China has inflicted is beyond repair at this point, unless we implement a fishing ban that lasts for 40-some years. Our leaders and supposed “environmental advocates” should be embarrassed for letting this unimaginable disaster occur. But yeah, keep forcing Americans to give up their gas stoves.


The post explains that China isn’t simply participating in some kind of “contest.” The reality is that they are deliberately strategizing to undermine other countries’ capacity to sustain their own food supply and feed their people.


As we speak, this is unfolding, and the US has remained silent mainly because China hasn’t targeted us or any of our close allies. But they will, and by the time anyone responds, it’ll be too late. Meanwhile, you’re being told to cut back on beef because apparently YOU are the one harming the planet. It’s absolutely absurd.


The waters off the coast of Argentina are home to a unique phenomenon — seemingly “floating cities” of fishing vessels that exploit the lack of legislation in international waters to plunder the marine ecosystem. Most are part of China’s vast fishing fleet, which numbers in the hundreds and operate in international waters without any oversight or regulation, abusing legal loopholes to fish.

“From a distance these clusters of lights resemble a sunrise. Up close they look like cities, whose lights are captured from satellites,” Argentine researcher Milko Schvartzman, a marine conservation and illegal fishing expert, told Diálogo on May 22. “Even from space, some of them shine brighter than the city of Lima [Peru].”

These floating cities are made up of some 600 vessels, 80 percent of which fly the Chinese flag. The numerous lights they use to attract the plankton that squid, a coveted species for these vessels, primarily feed on, earned them the floating cities analogy.

Multiple problems


Off the coast of Argentina, these vessels fish in the “Atlantic Blue Hole,” an area of some 6,600 square kilometers, located to the east of the San Jorge Gulf and the Argentine provinces of Chubut and Santa Cruz, the Scientific News Agency of the National University of Quilmes, Argentina, reported.

“Here the seafloor increases in depth abruptly, from about 300 to 800 meters; on a map with bathymetry it looks dark blue; hence the name,” Schvartzman said. “This depth, added to other factors such as warm and cold currents mean that there is great marine productivity and biodiversity there.”

It is precisely this richness that leads the Chinese fishing fleet to stay for long periods of time in that area, circumventing all kinds of regulations. China subsidizes these fleets through different mechanisms, such as refueling or paying half the cost of building the vessels.

The main objective of these fleets is squid fishing. In the Atlantic area, the most commonly caught is the Atlantic short fin squid and in the Pacific, the Humboldt squid (or Pacific giant squid). The Pacific season is in winter and the Atlantic season is in summer, so most of these 600 vessels simply sail back and forth.

“The fleet of some 600 vessels operates without control […]. The boats arrive in Argentina two months before the start of the season in mid-January and leave months later,” Schvartzman said. “So there is no respect for any kind of sustainability standard for the species.”

“These squid have a very short life span, close to a year. As these vessels catch hundreds of tons [of them], they don’t allow them to reproduce for years to come,” Marla Valentine, spokeswoman for marine conservation organization Oceania, told T13. “The activities of these vessels could be legal, as they are still offshore and outside Argentine waters, but it doesn’t mean that they are right or that they don’t have negative environmental impact.”