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China's Long [5th Column Assault] Game - Are Chinese Saboteurs Already In N'America?

China's Long [5th Column Assault] Game - Are Chinese Saboteurs Already In N'America?

News Image JULY 06, 2023
Chinese migrants are entering the United States on foot at the southern border. Almost all are desperate, seeking a better life for themselves and their children. Some, however, are coming to commit acts of sabotage.

China is in a state of distress; gloom pervades Chinese society. Chinese by the hundreds are now patiently waiting for visas in sweltering heat in lines at U.S. consulates in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Many, however, are short-circuiting the long waits at the consulates. At the southern border, Chinese migrants are entering the United States in unprecedented numbers. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that the number of apprehensions of Chinese migrants in the first five months of the current federal fiscal year was more than double that during all of the last fiscal year. 

The 8,000 Chinese migrants apprehended this calendar year are more than quadruple the number apprehended in the comparable period a year ago.

Chinese nationals are flying to Ecuador, which permits them to enter visa-free. They then make their way to the southern edge of the Darien Gap, about 66 miles of jungle separating Colombia and Panama. The migrants cross the natural barrier on foot, and once safely on the north side continue the journey to America, often by bus.

Some Chinese migrants are poor. Many, however, are middle-class. They can afford to pay $35,000 each to Mexican cartels to be smuggled into America.

"It's like an animal stampede before an earthquake," said "Sam," a Chinese migrant who crossed into America first in February at Brownsville, Texas, to Axios.

Some migrants are almost certainly members of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA). Representative Mark Green (R-Tenn.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said at a press conference on the 14th of last month that a Border Patrol sector chief informed him that some of the Chinese migrants at the southern border have "known ties to the PLA."

"We have no idea who these people are, and it's very likely, using Russia's template of sending military personnel into Ukraine, China is doing the same into the United States," said Green.

These military-linked migrants, despite their affiliations, have been released into America.

There is no question that China's PLA is inserting saboteurs through Mexico. "At the Darien Gap, I have seen countless packs of Chinese males of military age, unattached to family groups, and pretending not to understand English," said Yon, the war correspondent. "They were all headed to the American border."

"Normally in groups of five to fifteen, they typically emerge from the Darien Gap and spend one night in the U.S.-funded San Vicente Camp, or next door in the Tonosi Hotel, before boarding luxury buses for the trip up Highway 1 toward Costa Rica," Yon reports. "One group of six young men bought a chicken at the Tonosi Hotel, drank its blood from small glasses, then cooked the chicken themselves in the hotel restaurant, according to the hotel manager. Drinking raw chicken blood is a rite among PLA soldiers."

Once here, the military fighters can link up with China's agents already in place or Chinese diplomats.

How many of the PLA fighters have slipped into the United States this way? Some estimate 10,000, others 20,000. Those numbers sound high, but whatever the actual figure, more are coming.

These are China's shock troops. The concern is, on the first day of war in Asia they will *take down America's power lines, poison water reservoirs, assassinate officials, start wildfires, spread pathogens, and create terror by bombing shopping malls and supermarkets.

The saboteurs will almost certainly attack American military bases. China has already been probing sensitive installations. Chinese agents posing as tourists have, for instance, intruded into bases, including the Army's Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska. There, the suspected Chinese agents drove past a base gate and were later apprehended with a drone inside their car.

"Ancient Chinese strategists prized the use of subterfuge and surprise to achieve victory, and the two PLA colonels who wrote Unrestricted Warfare in 1999 were full of praise for the tactics of Osama bin Laden," Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center told this publication. 

"When the Chinese Communist Party starts its war against Taiwan and the United States, Americans should expect that Chinese sleeper agents now in America will hit targets like gas stations and military-age Chinese now crossing our border will be mobilized for assassination attacks and assaults on U.S. military bases."

Therefore, the next war in Asia will almost certainly be fought on U.S. soil, perhaps on its first day. Unsuspecting Americans will be in the fight.

Immigrants make countries strong, and almost all the Chinese migrants crossing the southern border will contribute to waging war on the United States.

Pay attention Canada.

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