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China Entrepreneur Club delegation visits Canada

China Entrepreneur Club delegation visits Canada


On August 30th, the first day of Prime Minister Trudeau's official visit to China, he participated in the China Entrepreneur Club Forum in Beijing. Led by Chairman Jack Ma, he interacted with nearly a hundred Chinese entrepreneurs.

At the invitation of Prime Minister Trudeau, shortly after the exchange of visits between the two prime ministers, the China Entrepreneur Club international delegation returned, led by Ma Weihua, Niu Gensheng, Wang Ruoxiong, Hu Baosen, Wang Chaoyong, Xu Jinghong, Xia Hua, Jiang Xipei, Liu Jun, Ai Xin, Cheng Hong and other business leaders from various industries organized a delegation to visit Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver from October 16 to 23. The focus is to investigate Canada's policy environment, industrial opportunities in economic transformation, talent and technology competitiveness, and to make important visits and exchanges in industries such as finance, technology, and cultural consumption.

On October 18, Prime Minister Trudeau met with the delegation at the famous Wilson House, Meech Lake and held a roundtable meeting.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and Innovation, Technology and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains attended the meeting.

Trudeau said: "China has made a huge contribution to the global economy. China is an exporter and a considerable manufacturing country. Consumers all over the world need Chinese products. The relationship between the world and China has undergone earth-shaking changes. Changes, I hope that while China is undergoing tremendous changes, we can better communicate with Canada. We can explore more and greater opportunities between our two countries. We are cooperative partners, and we can produce various collaborative relationships , we are facing a new era.”

 Ma Weihua delivered a speech: The two prime ministers attached great importance to it and the signing of many cooperation agreements between the two governments requires entrepreneurs from the two countries to complete. The business cooperation between the two countries should first be the cooperation of entrepreneurs, and the premise of cooperation is mutual trust and understanding, and consensus building. The Chinese Entrepreneur Club came to Canada to make friends, establish mutual trust and seek cooperation. It is hoped that a new era of China-Canada relations will be ushered in in the future. " 

Shortly after the meeting , Prime Minister Trudeau posted a message on his Twitter account and Sina Weibo account : Welcome the representatives of the Chinese Entrepreneur Club to Canada , and create more opportunities for the middle class of the two countries !

Ma Weihua said in an interview with China News Agency the next day: Canada's economy needs innovation and transformation, China is undergoing transformation and upgrading, and the expansion of cooperation between Chinese and Canadian companies is a win-win move. China has markets and capital, Canada has technology and resources, and the economies of the two countries are highly complementary.

Ma Weihua said that China has production capacity and capital, and Canada has complete sets of equipment. The cooperation between China and Canada to develop the third-party market is a huge space for future cooperation between the two countries. .

 Introduction to China Entrepreneur Club (CEC)

 It is an influential organization of business leaders in China, founded in 2006 by 31 Chinese business leaders, economists and diplomats. As a non-governmental non-profit organization, it promotes business righteousness, promotes the socialization of entrepreneurship, and promotes sustainable economic and social development as its institutional mission.

 CEC directors are representatives of China's market economy and the first batch of entrepreneurs in China's reform and opening up. They have unique entrepreneurial experience and management ideas; respect and follow market laws to achieve business success, carry entrepreneurial spirit and assume social responsibility. The companies they lead are leaders in various industries. In 2015, the total annual operating income created by the 50 governing enterprises exceeded RMB 3 trillion, making them an important part of China's national economy.

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