Friday, February 24, 2023

CSIS Asked Trudeau’s Staff To Rescind Candidate’s Nomination Over China Election Interference Concerns – Global News Report

CSIS Asked Trudeau’s Staff To Rescind Candidate’s Nomination Over China Election Interference Concerns – Global News Report

New report on Liberal MP Han Dong deepens Trudeau’s China interference scandal.

A stunning new report by Global News journalist Sam Cooper alleges CSIS was so concerned China interfered to help Liberal MP Han Dong in his nomination race that they asked for the Prime Minister to rescind Dong’s nomination.

Cooper shared the details in a series of Tweets:

“#Breaking: My investigation for Global News identifies that PM Justin Trudeau’s senior aides were allegedly briefed by CSIS shortly before the October 2019 federal election, that candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference.”

“2. After my eight-month investigation, Global News can reveal new allegations emerging from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s ongoing probe into a Chinese Communist Party election-interference scheme.”

“3. According to my sources, CSIS started tracking Han Dong, a former Ontario MPP, in summer 2019. They said CSIS believed that Dong emerged suddenly and suspiciously as a successor to MP Geng Tan as the Liberal candidate for Don Valley North.”

“4. CSIS investigators would later allege that Chinese Canadian seniors and students were bussed into the riding, and students were told they had to vote for a certain candidate to keep their student visas, sources informed Global News. They said Han Dong was the candidate.”

“5. National security officials also allege that Han Dong, now a sitting MP re-elected in 2021, is 1 of at least 11 Toronto-area riding candidates supported by Beijing in 2019. These officials said CSIS also believes Dong is a witting affiliate in China’s election interference.”

Dong has denied the allegations:

“6. Dong strongly denies these allegations. “As a Member of Parliament, safeguarding Canada’s democratic institutions is a fundamental part of my job, and I take all serious allegations of foreign interference very seriously,” Dong said.”

“7. “I am unaware of the claims provided to you by alleged sources, which contains seriously inaccurate information,” Dong said, in answer to my questions in this investigation.”

CSIS was so concerned that they wanted Dong’s nomination rescinded:

“Liberal MP Han Dong is alleged to have been helped by the Chinese consulate in Toronto during his 2019 nomination race, by bussing in seniors & students to vote for him, according to CSIS docs & sources CSIS asked the PM’s senior staff to rescind Dong’s nomination, per sources”

This further deepens the Liberal China interference scandal, with the Trudeau government facing more and more questions surrounding the PM’s apparent unwillingness to defend Canada’s democratic institutions.

And the more Justin Trudeau refuses to acknowledge how serious this scandal is, the worse he looks, and the more it looks like he has to hide.

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