Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Trudeau's advisor from the Prime Minister's Office is seen here in DAVOS 2023

Trudeau's  advisor from the Prime Minister's Office  is seen here in DAVOS 2023...

.... lurking in the background w/female friend.
Check out min 3:03 into this interview with Ezra Levant. He can be seen taking a keen interest in this heated exchange 
with nemesis  Nas Daily and a French Journalist.  He is noticeably observing from behind as he comes into view of the camera, while this attack continues. Both antagonists are highly animated to the point of abuse, pouring on Ezra in a verbal attack.
Meanwhile in  the background this intense stare and weird fascination, almost a hateful grimace forming on this guys face. His pace seems to slow down enabling him to lean in more, almost  spying on Ezra. 

Very Odd!

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