Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Build Back Better...for whom, why China of course

"Build Back Better"...for whom, why China of course.

Jan 24 2023

Just who is the biggest polluter and carbon emitter in the world...CHINA!

China is trying to trap the US in their BRI project pretending to offer friendship through teamwork...its a trap.
The Globalists want China to succeed..and they are well down that road.
Is Biden going to create a US led initiative to counter Beijing's or are they in effect working towards a common goal, covertly cooperating together, all for the "Globalist Plan" in secret. This notion is one which I hold as the real truth.
The global PsyOp that/is East vs West is all "phoney." We are being led [distracted] by a huge lie. Leading the [distraction] is so called Climate Change."
This is the map, the ultimate prize, a global prison...And China is being prepped to be management or jailers, so called peacekeepers operating out of the UN.
Neighbouring Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all but traded off to China in accomplishing that end...if they only knew.

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