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China’s troops trained in Canada against which country, maybe"ours"?


China’s troops trained in Canada against which country, maybe"ours"?

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If you haven’t yet read about the scandal of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allowing China’s communist-led military to train in winter warfare, you’ve got to be living in Chinese-occupied Tibet or inside China’s concentration camps for its Uighur Muslim minority.

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The news of Canada cozying up with the Chinese regime and its military was first broken by Rebel News, quoting government documents released to Rebel and also carried by the Globe and Mail.

The report shocked ordinary Canadians who learned their country’s military leadership —  who put a stop to the training —  was at odds with Global Affairs and the prime minister.

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For it was Justin Trudeau who had invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario — and when Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) cancelled the training following China’s kidnapping of Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, we hear the prime minister ‘raged’ at the Canadian Armed Forces for doing so.

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No self-respecting nation would allow its adversaries to trample all over it while holding hostages. Such countries can best be described as putting the ‘state’ into ‘terrorist practices’ and should be faced by courage, not appeasement as British PM Neville Chamberlain demonstrated in front of Adolf Hitler. But even Chamberlain didn’t express veneration of Nazi Germany the way Trudeau expressed admiration of China’s “basic dictatorship.”

We cannot blame Trudeau. After all, it was we who were charmed by his pretty looks and voted for him despite his blackface antics and photo-bombing escapades. The pretty boy in him never matured and we will have to live with a woke PM and an equally woke voter.

The question no one has asked so far is this: What were the Chinese troops training for and against which country? China shares borders with Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia and Vietnam while it faces Japan and Taiwan across the Sea of Japan and the South China Sea.

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The only countries for which China would require extreme cold weather training are in the south where it has fought India, sparred with Bhutan and sponsored Nepal’s mild hostility towards India...AND Canada!

As far as Pakistan is concerned, China has already taken over that country to build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as part of its Belt and Road Initiative.

The timeline of Chinese troops training in winter warfare in Canada and the recent attack by China against India’s Ladakh region, killing 20 Indian soldiers, gives us an idea of who Beijing considers a target in its alliance with Pakistan.

These facts taken in context of Trudeau’s hostility towards India and the Khalistani Sikh vote bank must be taken into account in the bizarre decision to let China’s military train in Canada.

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Elsewhere, “Sikhs for Justice” (SFJ) a US-based anti-India Khalistani group [with a large following in Canada], has appealed to China for assistance in its secessionist agenda against India.

Headed by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, Sikhs for Justice was banned by India in 2019 as the group launched its “2020 Referendum” to carve out a separate country called Khalistan.

In a letter to China’s president Xi Jinping, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun of SFJ justified China’s position against India and asked for the extending of China’s support for Khalistani Sikhs.

“We consider China’s counter-military action against India as legitimate and justified to protect its territorial integrity under international laws,” Pannun wrote to Jinping. Pannun urged the Chinese president to take up before the UN Security Council the issue of Sikhs’ right to ‘self-determination and secession’ of Punjab from India through a referendum.

This may appear as a plot from one of John Le Carre’s spy thrillers, except its title would be “The Little Drummer Boy.

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