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..and Canada's, Pierre Trudeau's [Justin's dad] Much Loved Hero, Mao. The son is just following in his footsteps declaring his love of China and their dictatorship.


 ..and Canada's, Pierre Trudeau's [Justin's dad] Much Loved Hero, Mao. The son  is just following in his footsteps declaring his love of China and their dictatorship.

Terence Corcoran: Why Justin Trudeau shares his dad’s love of murderous communist despots like Castro


An image of Cuban longtime leader Fidel Castro is seen through flowers displayed at the entrance of the Cuban embassy in Beijing on November 29, 2016, four days after Castro's death.
There should have been no surprise at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s colossally disingenuous statement on the death of Fidel Castro. The Trudeaus have been at this for six decades, fascinated and flirting with the murderous icons of communist oppression since the 1950s when Trudeau the First expressed his admiration for elements of Stalin’s Soviet Communism. In the 1960s, a 41-year-old Pierre Trudeau visited Communist China during the great famine and co-wrote a book hailing Mao and Maoism and denying the existence of a national food policy that killed over 40 million people. He never retracted his China views. But, in the 1970s, he cozied up to Fidel Castro, who until his death Friday has held the Caribbean island in a form of political slavery.
Why would juvenile  Justin find it necessary to sidle up to the Castros — and, recently, Chinese Communists and their brand of totalitarianism ? His self-involving comments on his family’s links to Castro follow recent revelations of his personal pay-for-access sessions with Chinese Communist officials and oligarchs. The connections apparently generated $1 million in contributions by a Chinese businessman to Trudeau-related institutions.
That the old Soviet Union, Communist China and Castro’s Cuba were brutal regimes that collectively murdered tens of millions of innocent people via ruinous and oppressive economic and political policies needs no exposition. We all know what happened and why. What remains a mystery is why first Pierre and now Justin Trudeau have been so willing to embrace the leaders of these three glaring catastrophes of 20th century murderous communist rule. Why would they do it? To a rational person this would be insane. No positive explanation seems possible.
One plausible answer is that Justin Trudeau finds it necessary to maintain and protect the murky family legacy of being soft on leftist/fascist authoritarians. He can hardly repudiate the record of a father on whose coattails he rides. Also plausible, though, is that both Trudeaus share an abiding faith in the power of the state.

Colby Cosh: Obviously Trudeau’s no Reagan, but Good God this is awful
The dictatorship admiration was obvious just last week when Justin stopped off in Havana, hoping to meet Fidel on his death bed for a final photo op/media scrum, giving the CBC reason to again rerun footage of Pierre’s triumphal 1976 open-car parade through the streets of Havana. Pierre’s biographer Richard Gwyn described the crowds Castro had ordered out for Trudeau as “five deep at the curbs, larger than for any other foreign visitor except Leonid Brezhnev,” the Soviet leader who sent billions to Cuba to keep Castro in power.
Gwyn, like other writers, washed over Pierre’s intellectual flirtations. “Trudeau is less at home with Canadians than with John Lennon, or Fidel Castro, or among Tibetan monks.” To Gwyn, this was all part of Trudeau’s “magic.” Along with others, Gwyn brushed off this fetish with Communist dictators as a minor quirk or as a reflection of a rebellious nature. Trudeau enjoyed being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. He especially enjoyed kicking a little sand in the face of America. It was an act of intellectual and political independence.
But that’s not good enough. The Trudeau flirtation with some of the world’s worst dictators cannot be explained away as youthful rebelliousness or written off as temporary lapses of judgment. John English, in his formidable first-volume biography of Pierre Trudeau, Citizen of the World, says it is “fair to ask a broader question: Was he generally too sympathetic to authoritarian-fascist regimes of the left?”
English waffles into a non-conclusion. “Trudeau was willing to give the Soviets, the Chinese, and, later, the Cubans much credit for getting their ‘social priorities’ correct. While acknowledging the limitations on civil rights in these cruel authoritarian societies, (Trudeau) emphasized their social achievements.” In another summary, English looks at Trudeau’s fascination with Stalinism and concludes he was not a “duped fellow traveller” but someone who knew that “liberty was the most precious individual good.”
If so, why did he never repudiate his glaringly insane and wrong-headed 1961 claims that Mao Zedong’s catastrophic Great Leap Forward counted as an international social achievement and that China as a nation that had its social priorities straight?
During his visit to China, Trudeau and other Quebec intellectuals were guests of Mao’s regime, dining in splendor and eagerly swallowing massive dollops of propaganda as they toured the country. In Two Innocents in Red China, a 1961 book Trudeau co-authored with Jacques Hebert, Communist China emerges as a global force for good and saviour of the world. Under Communism, they wrote, the small-wage earner “is no longer just a speck of dust in the proletarian mass … The genius of Mao is to have persuaded hundreds of millions of people — by astonishingly effective methods — of the grandeur and nobility of their task.” The Struggle is good, and poverty, noble. [Persuaded] might not be the right word to describe Mao’s methods.
Trudeau met Mao, and called him “one great man, a hero of the century.” Trudeau wrote of his “powerful head, an unlined face, and a look of wisdom tinged with melancholy. The eyes of that tranquil face are heavy with having seen too much of the misery of men.”
It was the face and eyes of a mass murderer. As Mao shook hands with Trudeau, millions of Chinese had already died across the country as part of a national “Superpower Programme” to industrialize and modernize China. The malevolence of the agricultural and production reforms, their cruelty and abusiveness, are documented in horrific detail by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday in their monumental book Mao: The Untold Story. The resulting 40 million deaths were what Chang and Halliday call “the greatest famine of the 20th century — and of all human recorded history.” Mao, they say, “knowingly starved and worked those tens of millions of people to death.”
Over the decades, Trudeau failed to acknowledge his massive lapse in judgment
Chang and Halliday singled out Trudeau’s “starry-eyed” book among other Westerners complicit in denying Mao’s atrocities. Instead of searching for the truth, Trudeau claimed to have seen the benefits of Mao’s policies. With Hebert, he wrote that “China’s methods are going to be imitated by the two-thirds of the human race that goes to bed hungry every night. And the moral indignation of the West will be powerless to stop it.”
Over the decades, Trudeau failed to acknowledge his massive lapse in sanity and judgment. In a 1997 article in Saturday Night magazine, editor Kenneth Whyte reviewed several of Trudeau’s works published during the 1990s. “Two Innocents in Red China may well be the worst book ever published in Canada,” wrote Whyte. “Certainly no significant Canadian public figure has ever been so dreadfully wrong about a major event as Trudeau was — and, perversely, continues to be — about Mao and the Great Leap.” More than three decades later, Trudeau was still talking up the thrills Mao gave him. “There is no acknowledgement (in any of Trudeau writings) of Mao’s murderous tyranny, or Trudeau’s error,” wrote Whyte.
Some give Trudeau credit for having predicted — as did Mao—that China would one day become a global industrial power. Today China appears to be on track to “become one of the richest, most advanced and powerful countries in the world,” as Mao anticipated, but only because it abandoned Maoism in 1978 for quasi-capitalism.
So what on earth do the Trudeau's see in authoritarian dictators and fascist regimes? Maybe it is all summed up in Justin’s 2013 tribute to the role of big government in forcing people into living more environmentally. “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”
It’s a world view that is, if nothing else, consistent with Trudeau’s brief statement on the death of Fidel Castro.

Pierre Trudeau's Hero Bar None, Fascist Comrade, Chairman Mao'sky

Secret meetings were undertaken to allow for Trudeau to get trained by this future [pre-ordained] regime's global'hungry leader. You see, notions of China's so called  "Rise" was planned in the minds of the worlds mass media many years before infamous Summer Olympics Games, much farther back in fact! Carefully contrived and engineered by the Bank Of England [my opine], the Rothschild's.

Trudeau's Wheat deals..[Or Were They Just About Wheat]




            Under the leadership of its leftist Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the Canadian Government has officially recognized the communist government of China.

            The decision may have been acclaimed by money men whose primary end of life lies in trade, more especially export trade. Continental China offers them the largest market in the world. With its more than 700 million population, it can absorb vast tonnages of our Canadian wheat; this has already begun and will only be increased: a vision that has dissipated all consideration of the inhuman character of Mao's government. Money knows no religion, no ideology, no more than did the men commissioned by Trudeau to negotiate with Mao's men the terms of the recognition.

            Exported wheat leaves Canada. Chinese payments come or will come into Canada. What else can be of account in a materialistic world?

            The color of a government does not affect the value of money, is a current slogan. This is a rather superficial argument, because, even from a money point of view, the result may prove catastrophic and costly in expenses incurred to protect our population against subversion or Chinese dope, to seek and pursue the offenders, to treat their victims, etc.

            How Can China pay?

            In the international trade, imports can finally be paid only by exports. The Chinese money does not circulate out of China. For the foreign goods she imports, China must get foreign money, and she cannot obtain foreign money except by selling her own goods outside. This means that China must export some of her own production for a value equating the value of the foreign goods she imports.

            In an article published in "The Review of the News", Nov. 25, 1970, authored by an American writer, George S. Schuyler, this point is stressed and may help to foresee the consequences of Trudeau's deal with Mao.

            How can China pay for her imports from Canada or from any other country? We quote from Schuyler's article:

            "Despite its vast territory and its control of the world's largest population, Red China has nothing but love to give in exchange for the goods it is supposed to be seeking from Canada and others of our allies. Having only subsistence agriculture, and even more backwards in technology than the Soviet Union, nobody wants its shoddy goods and machinery, not even the Africans. Without foreign exchange, Mao can buy little abroad.

            "Aside from subversion (in which it is admittedly as adept as Moscow), Red China has for export only dope, being the world's largest producer of opium, refined into morphine and then heroin, which is •increasingly destroying the mental fibre of the West ".

            George Schuyler does not consider the harm done limited to Canada. The door is just wide open to the whole of North America:

            "Canada, with its long, undefended, and largely unwatched border with United States, provides an ideal base from which to move narcotic drugs into America's cities, and is, destined to become exactly that when relations between it and Peking are formalized and the heroin-stuffed diplomatic poaches -begin flying with regularity. Instead of this menace being thousands of miles away, it will be on our doorstep, supplementing the supply smuggled into New-York by the Mafia and in boats traversing the St. Lawrence Seaway."

            This danger cannot be ignored. The illegal traffic of narcotics has gone on until now, in spite of specialized and well-trained agents of the both Canadian and American police forces and of the Interpol, and in spite of the heavy penalties awaiting caught offenders. How much more difficult will it not be to check this evil when practised by individuals whose briefcases cannot be visited even on founded suspicion, because they will be members of an embassy's staff, a consulate, or of a diplomatic commission !

            It is well known that the diplomatic establishments of communist governments in countries of the free world are particularly stuffed with personnel, as compared with similar establishments of non-communist governments. In Schuyler's words:

            "With little or no trade at all, the Communists customarily have hundreds in a single diplomatic mission. Mao's set up in Canada will be no exception. There will be Chinese consulates spread across the country, from Victoria and Vancouver to Winnipeg, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. Peking has graciously agreed to let Canadian emissaries range that country unrestrictedly, and of course Canada is granting reciprocity. Such mobility for Mao's arrest-free diplomats will mean a lot for Red China's dope trade."

            Local Collaboration

            In fact, these overstaffed red embassies and consulates are used for other purposes than normal international politic or commercial relations. They harbor a number of specialists in revolution, trained subverters, agitators, spies and agents of other illegal activities. The Gouzenko case in Canada offered a spectacular proof of it.
The Gouzenko case showed also how easily an enemy installed in our midst, under a diplomatic cover could, for money, recruit Canadian cooperators from various careers, even from the Canadian Parliament, to serve his spying organization. It will be even easier to do it for a narcotic enterprise with its allurement of large sums of money to be realized in a short time.

As George Schuyler puts it in reference to the Gouzenko affair:

            "There is no reason to suppose that this enlistment of Canadian citizens with the international Communist apparatus was discontinued with the exposure of their game. Nor is there any justification for assuming that the Embassy of the Chinese People's Republic will not operate likewise, using the Canadian crime syndicate through TRIAD to push heroin trade in the United States."

            TRIAD and Mao

            George Schuyler is justly concerned about the possible extension of the narcotic trade in his country, the United States, which may result from the opening of Canada to Mao's agents. We may be sure that Mao has his eyes keenly opened on the whole of North America. He took avail of all the circumstances to influence the policies of Africa and South America. In the case of North America, the take-over by Communism is worth all that can be put out. Mao, for his part, will select his most able hands for the purpose. He has shown it in the appointment of his first ambassador at Ottawa (See the article from "Twin Circle" reproduced in another page of this issue).

            But what is the TRIAD referred to above? Quoting again Schuyler:

            "TRIAD is the Chinese counterpart of the Mafia and is a masonic society. Its name means The Society of Heaven, Earth, and Man.

            "TRIAD started as a sacred patriotic group aimed at overthrowing the Manchu Government, and one of its early leaders was Dr. Sun Yat-sen, later first president of China.

            "With the eclipse of this Nationalist Government, the Red machine took over the TRIAD apparatus, which by that time had already become a crime syndicate operating along the whole Pacific littoral, wherever there was a Chinese tong. Upon his triumph, the patriotic President Sun Yat-sen had ordered the dissolution of TRIAD. But, as has so frequently happened in history, it had by then become too lucrative to throw away. It went into smuggling back and forth Chinese laborers and white women. There was also gambling, and anything else that made big money. Coastwise junks and deep-sea fishing boats linked all of Chinese ports with a
ny place having a sizable Chinese colony.
            "Mao Tse-tung now Controls this international apparatus. He not only controls its criminal activities, but uses it as an adjunct to his revolutionary prescriptions which, like those of the Russians, are aimed at demoralizing and thus subjugating he world."

            The present chairman of TRIAD is Mao himself. With the promoted cultivation' of opium, from which profits the Government draws a big share, Mao nets a billion dollars a year. This will doubtless be increased with the new facilities procured by Trudeau's recognition of Red China to the marketing of narcotics derived from that country's opium.

            Towards Admission to UNO

            The diplomatic recognition of Red China by the Canadian government may be considered as a big step towards the admission of this conscience-less country to the United Nations Organization. This means the discarding of the fine Taiwan Formosan republic, and the enthroning of criminal Red China in the senate of five nations enjoying the privilege of the "Veto" as well' as permanent member of the international Security Council. The Canadian recognition increases considerably the prestige of Communist China and strengthens the communist party about everywhere in the planet. Other nations are encouraged to imitate Canada. Italy has already followed in Canadian footsteps; and the Vatican and Austria are expected to do so.

            Naive commentators may think, say and write that the admission of China to the UNO would contribute to moralize it and help solve the dope problem. There it no foundation for such hope. It is just wishful thinking. The facts show that the admission into the UNO of countries producers of opium, thus Burma or Lebanon, has in no way lessened their plantations of Pappaver Somniferum (the opium poppy).

            Youth Victimized

            George Schuyler again :

            "We have not begun to solve our narcotics problem. On the contrary it has worsened, with sellers of drugs on every campus, and children of the rich and poor "hooked" in every suburb and high school.

            "If we have not been able to stop the traffic across the Atlantic and Pacific, can we be more successful on that across the long border with Canada? Narcotics still get across the Mexican border, though it is open space and well patrolled. The U.S.-Canadian border is four times as long, and it is in many places far more-inaccessible to law officers. Our network of roads is the world's greatest; and once across the Canadian border with briefcase loaded with heroin, a hiker can hire a car anywhere. And there are, after all, plenty of subversives on both sides of the border ready to render a helping hand, with such rich rewards.

            "There is more money to be made from the sale of narcotics than in any other way. The police knows from where it comes, but catching the messengers is something else again. Moreover, distance no longer makes any difference. It is the ruthlessness of the crime apparatus that counts, and when this apparatus is backed by powerful governments, it is almost unbeatable. So the utmost pessimism about the Red Chinese moving in next door to ours is warranted."

            Yes it is, Mr. Schuyler. But the school children and students of the United States will not be the sole victims of the supplement of dope brought to our Continent by the dirty act of Trudeau's government. Between the entry of Red Chinese dope into Canada and its crossing over to the United States, there are schools and universities filled with Canadian youth of varying ages, also offering a prey to sellers of dope. Victims of Trudeau's diplomatic negotiations with Mao will be our own sons and daughters as well as sons and daughters of our neighbours south of us. We'll be made to pay our part of the bill to Mao's communist band of poisoners. And not only in money: there are damages done to souls and bodies that can never be repaired.

Shame on Trudeau, on the "Red-as-a-Beet Trudeau", so termed by the author we have largely quoted.

            A Trudeau's accomplishment

            Shame on Trudeau, because this is his work, although urged for years before by the marketers of the Canadian grain. Tonnages of our wheat had already been sold at favored terms to feed Mao's starving slaves. But it took the advent of the leftist Trudeau to deliver a certificate of honesty to the bloody dictator.

            The diplomatic recognition of Red China was not, however, an overnight decision. For two years; the two commissions of negociators, Mao's and Trudeau's, had held secret talks in Stockholm, a city favored by communists for official or private encounters with delegations of the free world. In the course of these meetings, trade and money questions, as well as politic relations, must have been largely dealt with. But it is doubtful whether the narcotics subject was as much as mentioned. But even if it was, what matters? Experience shows that declarations and signatures from Communist powers cannot be trusted: they can be turned by them to signify anything suiting their purpose.

            The establishment of an embassy in Burundi, a little republic of Central Africa, gave rise to political troubles causing the murder of the prime minister on the steps of the capitol. This does not mean that the same thing will happen in Canada. But it may well happen that some FLQ or another similar group, supported by Maoist agitation sap and finance, give rise to troubles more difficult to deal with than those of October last (1970). Whatever else may be, one thing leaves- in doubt: the drug problem, both in Canada and in the United States will only be worsened.

            The diplomatic recognition of Red China is a crime. In the history of our country, the term of Trudeau at the head of the federal government will have been baneful — baneful for Canada and baneful for the great republic that only a peaceful frontier of 3,000 miles separates from Canada.

            If Pierre Elliott Trudeau was barred from-the United States as undesirable in 1955, his political attitude towards communist China, now that he leads the government of his country. only confirms the rightness of judgment of those who at that epoch sought to protect their population against his pro-communist (to say the least) propensions and activities. They must now find that the man, in his political ascent, has little or not at all changed.

            How could the electorate of Canada become so enamored of Trudeau as to raise him so rapidly, from a newcomer in politics to the summit function' in the government of their country ? The answer is in the CBC. The television and other brain-washing mass media, so largely in the hands of Masons and Reds, can take any demon and in about no time build him up into a saint.

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