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Wuhan..what really happened in the early days of the pandemic.

Wuhan..what really happened in the early days of the pandemic.

Sept 27 2021

This Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic.


People are in a daze, lockstep marching to their doom and you can't tell them anything. After decades (centuries actually) of governmental and church malfeasance, many people STILL believe the government has their best interests at heart, even though it has been massively demonstrated otherwise for a very long time. One could, and one should, by now... KNOW that the vaccines are toxic to living things. I have been told that beginning this month, the truth of the dangers of the COVID vaccine, which is not a vaccine, will become so apparent that The Obvious will be unavoidable even for The Stupid.

All is not lost for the predators (for the moment anyway) because The Powers that Think They Are will devise a new cause for the devastating deaths and injuries to follow; “same as it ever was.”

Over the last thousand years, and... no doubt before that, humanity has amply demonstrated the horrific cruelty in human nature. This does not include all of us. Many of us have to be the victims and collateral damage. The terrible crimes of Church and State, even if all we have for evidence is revisionist BS, are indisputable. It could be that this has been THAT THOUSAND YEARS that they talk about in The Bible. I don't know that it is and I can't say that it is, but... it could be.

Why I say that, is due to what I see on The Horizon. Of course, conditions are going to get much worse in certain locations. Major cataclysms brought by Nature and Infernal Invention appear to be very much a part of whatever future comes in. You can see that some parts of this country and some parts of The World are going to get it much worse than elsewhere.

REMEMBER THIS! However much The Darkness may intensify in certain locations and demographics, The Light will be doing the same, in certain locations and demographics. This is Cosmic Law. Try to see that you are among right thinking and right feeling people where The Light will be inclined to shine.

The masses are as responsible as the perpetrators for what is happening. I NEVER realized, previously, how large a portion of The Public is brainwashed, and brain-dead. I have watched in astonishment, for some time, the constant low-jinks of a culture gone sideways. The level of superficiality and perverse appetites is far beyond anything I expected from Humanity.

In the 60s I thought The World has changed and that we would find the promised land. Then the 70s came with Disco and UNNATURAL sexual engagements, depravity was unleahed to a new low together with the down escalator drugs. Cocaine slippered in toward the end of the decade, as the fuel source for the Greed is Good 80s. I remember The Four Seasons and other locations where stockbrokers and the usual assortment of other professionals would show up and order two thousand dollar bottles of wine with their lunch, while they snorted coke at the tables. They were Masters of the Universe. Who was going to stop them? The ones I heard, said that they did it because they could.

Then came the 90s and the legacy of bad music began with nihilistic anthems of despair and depravity. Rap began to emerge, and that has stayed constant into the following decades until now. Cellphones became ubiquitous and another new culture emerged from the stained bed-sheets of the past. Now, people are humping their cellphones more than they are their partners in the crazy, sexual merry-go-rounds of End Times. This has led to the Incel subculture, the Furries, and all the rest of the batshit crazy enterprises that have come about since normal sex left town.

The worldwide migrations, set in motion by The Usual Suspects,  and The Tranny-Land Express started to run all day and night into Nowhere and the suburbs. The Long percolating Bolshevik Nightmare was introduced into the school systems, and children, unlucky enough to be born in these times, had their frontal lobes short-sheeted. Finally, having dumbed down the population in a very short time, through advancing materialism, and negative programming, the stage was set for the COVID Baba-Yaga, and the death-dealing vaccines (primed and ready before the false-flag plague even started) that are not vaccines, are attempting to apply the coup de gras to human life. We've yet to see the end of this. THEY are doubling down on mandates and all the other 1984 mechanisms, including double-speak, are full-bore.

You have to ask yourself WHY have all the vaccine manufacturers ALL made toxic hot-shots of similar composition? Not one of them made an actual vaccine. Then THEY sought to outlaw, and discredit everything that did work as a vaccine. It all seems so obvious. Why do so many choose to look the other way? It's all PROGRAMMED!!!

What is the most amazing and mysterious feature about the serious ills assaulting us at this time? It is that no one seems capable of doing anything about it. Meanwhile, the predators have enlisted everyone with a grievance into an army of Lemming Zombies, who... lacking all Common Sense and human understanding, have unleashed themselves on the rest of us. It is quite the spectacle debacle.

The cart has run away with the horse and the insane have overrun the madhouses. The dominoes are falling. Soon... people will be dying in large numbers, and... after that? I don't know. What I do know is that this is the perfect time for The Avatar to begin to precipitate into manifest existence, and transform the landscape, minus all of those who have chosen to cancel themselves out.

The Avatar is come to put things into balance, as well as to judge and to reward. THEY have been getting away with things for so long they can't imagine it might be different, but IT WILL. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, the transformations that occur are like nothing seen before. I cannot shake the STRONG feelings of Optimism and Certitude that course through my being, with no valid evidence for it in any external way. The image is that carnage is afoot, and flames now lick at the foundations of life, as the old order scrambles like madmen for their survival through the time-tested medium of global oppression. They've pulled out all stops for this because OTHERWISE they will soon be gone.

Now... I am pretty sure that all the high-end mucky-mucks have not gotten any vaccine injections. I'm pretty sure they know better than to treat themselves with the same kill-shots they are using on The Public. Possibly this is true of all of Israel. We shall see. How is it possible that most of the countries of The World have joined in a conspiracy for their own destruction? It makes no kind of sense. Something very large and powerful is operating out of the shadows. Think of it as a large and mortally wounded beast. Even though it is dying, there is plenty of malice still left.

No matter what direction I turn in, all I can see is The Avatar. How did it turn into such a shit show so quickly? The Avatar has cleaned out all of the nests of Evil on the Inner Planes and driven them out into manifest life, where they have taken over the bodies of those who already sold themselves to the highest bidder. You see this at every level of society. At the street level are rampaging thugs, going nova in a snatch and grab world. At the higher, more socially rarefied levels, you see THE SAME THING taking place. How do we put the genie back in the bottle? We don't. That is not our department.

You have to look at WHERE people get their information. That would be the crass media and the social disease media. Who owns that? Well... the answer should clear up any question of who is aiding and abetting human ignorance and suffering. I have friends who are clueless about what is REALLY taking place. Of course, these would be old friends. I don't have any more recent friends who are like that.

You can believe what you want. The truth is that you will see the validity of your beliefs in the process of living them. You will encounter the error of your ways when you meet The Adjuster. You can wallow in the flesh-pit mentality until trauma or disease claims you. This is an Old Story. Every time the pursuit of comfort, pleasure, and convenience supplants common sense, all roads lead to The Badlands. We find ourselves in various positions related to a MAJOR cosmic re-balancing. The Bad Guy version is called The Great Reset, just like the difference between Awakening and Woke. Most importantly, when spirituality fades, the reintroduction of it becomes a certainty. SOMETHING will be getting your attention soon enough.

Those anchored in The Real, will come through it just fine. All else will be swept away, into the draining system to The Reclamation Center. This happens over and over, individually AND collectively. Few remember anything, given that all of the evidence of it exists only in ancient texts that very few of us read. ♫ people get ready, get your house in order ♫

God and The Invisible Hierarchy is the real thing. As above, so below; NOT the conditions, the principles, and the laws that enforce them.

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