Sunday, October 10, 2021

The China Merry-Go-Round For Canadians

 The China Merry-Go-Round  For Canadians

Oct 10 2021

What must Xi think of this fool...just look at this grin; speaks' volumes

..and this....

Correction/ "Trudeau Supports Chinese Army"

Trudeau isnt interested in Canada, he is preoccupied with "other's"..ahem cough!

Red Tie...hmm

And about those scientists rushed out of Canada! The documents still requested by parliament, still refused by Trudeau and as a result being sued. MSM isnt saying anything, ZZZZ, bless their little hearts.

Finally why was this HK born Chinese doctor, answering to the WHO & Beijing  put in charge of the coronavirus and its vaccines...? 

Theresa Tam

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