Thursday, May 21, 2020

From Ground Zero: Kicking Chinese Spies out of New York City

From Ground Zero: Kicking Chinese Spies out of New York City

By Ken Gibson
The virus has taken down nearly 100,000 in the five boroughs of New York City, mostly in Queens and Brooklyn. About one in 100 people are infected, while every single resident of this metropolis is affected, some suffering terribly even if they do not have the disease.
Hospitals are, however, seeing less people coming in and testing positive, and the death toll is declining as well, though almost one person is passing away every two minutes. The morgues are overwhelmed; corpses, many unclaimed, are sent to Hart Island, which has historically been the paupers’ last resting place.
Four days of leveling off, or plateauing, have made people breathe a little more easily, even if they do so through masks and scarves. Some still dare to go barefaced. Others have masks that look make them look like actors in a B grade, late night sci-fi movie.
Even the Easter Bunny wore a mask. Christians struggled with the reality of the apocalyptic style of service, staying an anti-social distance from other believers while trying to express brotherly love.
Hope hangs in the air, but heavily like a hanged horseman, dangling a promise of a return to normalcy, while the fear of a relapse dims our spirits.
In the corners and alleyways of the town there are whispers; whispers in the night and in the broadest daylight, whispers asking awkward, inconvenient questions. Is this just one virus, or are there two or more, given the difference in symptoms, the results sometimes going from negative to positive? And the reactions to drugs, why are they not always consistent?
And why does this virus go from Wuhan to New York but for the most part skip Shanghai and Beijing?
Is this really from the Intermediate Horseshoe Bat, which is not found anywhere near Wuhan, or is it from the Wuhan Level 4 Bio Lab?
And why is this not the first, or second, but third virus to come from the vicinity of that lab?
How is it that with the record of US Customs agents finding People’s Republic of Chinese agents traveling illegally with coronavirus vials were they not arrested?
What was going on with Chinese agents stealing coronavirus samples from a Canadian lab in 2019.
Chinese Researchers Caught Stealing Coronavirus From Canadian Lab ...
Freedom for me, but not for thee -- Dianne Feinstein, the CIA and ...

Why is Diane Feinstein, whose driver was found to be a PR Chinese spy, allowed to be on the Senate Intelligence Committee or even in the Senate?
What about the details about a Chinese planned takeover of the US coming from a former PR Chinese agent in 2011, which were largely ignored by US agencies?
Whispers, like shadows dancing on the wall at night, move in our minds. And they form a picture, a grim picture, telling us that People’s Republic of China is up to something. Whispers are supported by loud facts, which none can deny. Some try, and we have to wonder why there are people lying to us in our midst.
A fifth column?
We wonder why a recent sign in Fort Tryon Park is in English, Spanish – and CHINESE – when the Chinese, either of Taiwan or mainland communist China, do not live up here, and never did.
Never did we have a sign in Chinese; English, of course; Spanish, yes; Russian, yes, there are lots of Russians uptown. But this is the first time one was posted in Fort Tryon Park in Chinese. I know, I live up here and have been going to this park since 1970.
We wonder, we ask, we demand. Answers, we demand, such as an answer to the riddle of Bill Clinton giving crucial US missile technology to People’s Republic of China when their missiles could hardly get off the ground. The Communists had a problem; Slick Willie solved it for them. But then the Communists could not shoot their missiles far enough to reach Los Angeles, or New York; Slick Willie solved that one too.
China's Hypersonic Missiles, aka 'Carrier Killers,' Are a 'Holy S ...
Why? Was he president of the US, or an agent of PR China?
China Was Bill Clinton's Russia - WSJ
There are more whispers, there are more questions than there are answers.
The first time I posted on this site, I wrote an article titled “The Clintons, the Epsteins and the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen.”

The Epsteins referred to Jeffrey and his little known brother Mark; neither of whom liked to answer certain questions.
And neither do the Humpty Dumpty congressmen; 33 of them were called last year to simply tell me how they knew Mark Epstein and how they got on board the HDI. They were sensitive to questions, and I got no answers.

The HDI is not only linked to an Epstein, and to the Clintons (Contance Milstein, a big Clinton supporter and donor founded it), but to PR China.
So many questions about PR China, so few answers.
The biggest question, however, is this: Is this coronavirus outbreak an act of warfare or just stupidity?
Either way, Americans are not getting an answer. No one is. At least not from China, which is known to lie, known to torture people, known to commit murder, to extract organs from live prisoners, known to commit acts as bad as Nazi Germany.
But over the whispers, an answer can be heard loud and clear: Ignore it at your peril.
The answer is to get ALL Communist Chinese agents out of the US, by closing all their embassies and consulates IMMEDIATELY.
Even if you do not believe they could orchestrate the mass murder of Americans, and that they are just accident-prone idiots with nothing but the best intentions, we have had enough of their accidents and their good intentions; and their lies, torture, and murder.
Australia: "People are in Shock, People are Awakening!" Report on ...
Is this an awkward move? Yes, it is.

As awkward a move as I have ever had to make, and I have made awkward moves in my life. I made citizen’s arrests on people, including an armed drug dealer, who stabbed me. I stopped street-level purse snatchings and got threatened, told to mind my own business by the perpetrators while passers-by, including able-bodied men, did nothing.
Making awkward moves is the answer, the answer to securing America’s bio-safety and also financial security. The awkward move of DEMANDING that all PR Chinese citizens, officials and possibly sympathizers LEAVE THE US or be detained IMMEDIATELY.
Just as thugs turned on me for being awkward enough to snatch the purse that they had snatched and return it to its rightful owner, I expect some backlash here. People don’t like awkward moves. Lazy people, Clinton supporters, congressmen with ties to PR China, you name it, I am not expecting 100% support.
But I am expecting support from sensible people who are willing to work – and that means looking up your reps – both congressman and senator- and calling them to support this proposal – calling the press to get it attention, – and more. I have more actions coming soon.
Let’s roll, let’s KEEP AMERICA SAFE.

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