Wednesday, May 13, 2020

China is Spying/Stealing US Virus Vaccine Research-and Trudeau is Assisting Them

This is outrageous, the enemy of the free world, China [their military..the PLA] have just been invited by non other than Justin Trudeau; to come and experiment with Covid Vaccines on  Canadian citizens and using our own top secret labs.

WARMINGTON: Canada's COVID-19 research tied to Wuhan virus lab

April 17, 2020

Dr. Xiaochun (Chris) Le, of Edmonton’s University of Alberta.Supplied
It is true Canada is developing a test for COVID-19 in the very lab in Wuhan that’s being investigated as possible Ground Zero of the origin of the coronavirus.
But, saying it needs to be all hands on deck, the research doctor is defending it.
“It will take a global community of clinicians and researchers collaborating across borders to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to eventually develop vaccinations,” Dr. Xiaochun (Chris) Le, of Edmonton’s University of Alberta, told the Toronto Sun in an email interview.
“We are part of this global effort to combat COVID-19.”
Le tells me his “research centres around the creation of a point-of-care diagnostic tool that will provide accurate, fast and inexpensive COVID-19 screening tests” that would simplify it to become “similar to a pregnancy test in which changes on a paper strip indicate the presence of the virus” in under 15 minutes.
It’s exciting, important work.
However, as Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel News revealed, the Government of Canada’s $828,046 grant involves working with the same Wuhan Institute of Virology lab the United States is investigating over assertions it is where the COVID-19 virus was born.
But, Le, who himself studied at Wuhan University, insists “the collaboration with the researcher in Wuhan is limited to knowledge sharing only.”
The U of A research was one of 47 projects to be funded from $26.8 million in taxpayer money allocated to develop COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.
“All research projects that receive funding from CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) undergo rigorous peer review, in which the applications for funding are reviewed by expert scientists in an impartial, objective, and fair manner,” said Cole Davidson, press secretary for Health Minister Patty Hajdu, in responding to questions to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He added that “approvals are conducted independently from the government.”
The government also said “this research project by the University of Alberta addresses the urgent need of rapid testing. The collaborative research is conducted by a multidisciplinary team of virologists, chemists, infectious disease specialists, front-line practitioners, and public health researchers from the University of Alberta and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.”
It’s the Wuhan part that has raised eyebrows.
Concerns about China’s transparency were raised when Toronto Sun Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Batra interviewed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the late reporting of the spread of coronavirus in Wuhan.
“There will come a time when we need to understand what transpired here, how this got away from us and did they do everything they needed to tell the world and protect us,” said Pompeo.
With that probe underway, the bigger question for Canada is can honesty and openness happen when the very lab at the centre of this investigation is involved?
The federal Health Ministry funding announcement does say “our team members in Wuhan, who currently perform the standard diagnostic tests, will lead this effort.”
Any questions asked are appropriate in this global crisis — especially since there has been intrigue about labs before. As Postmedia reported in 2019, the RCMP investigated a Chinese researcher being removed from the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg in what the government insists is not related to COVID-19.
But it shows how seriously authorities take protection of these labs. Le assures that his researcher in Wuhan will not compromise Canada’s research.
“This project first began back in February, when the majority of global cases were diagnosed in Wuhan,” said Le. “The collaborator in Wuhan has first-hand experience and extensive expertise in performing the standard RT-PCR tests currently used to identify infected individuals.
“This expertise is helpful to us as we develop and validate our new tests.”
As Davidson told the Sun, ”Canada continues to explore every avenue towards combating COVID-19.”
This includes working with the Wuhan lab where the coronavirus may have come from.

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