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UBC [University of British Columbia] worries....scrutiny into China ties will lead to loss of funding

Who would've thought that the very place place that free speech was born thousands of years ago in Greece [the "university" or a place of universal thinking and debate] is now the breeding ground for Totalitarian Communist Propaganda and State more debates folks, thats out of the equation and off the slate..while our history has been redacted to suite the NWO/Globalists and the protection of the fascist Chinese regime...OH NO you cant discuss way. NOT Allowed!!!
There is a teacher who comes to mind, hostile to Canadians and culture, who is very outspoken  and implicated in promoting Communist Chinese ideals. Henry Yu constantly demands more fealty from the Canadian government over how the Chinese diaspora are treated.


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*Here we see an outright lie that native groups favoured the Chinese gold rush hoards more than anyone else. No, this simply wasn't the case at all. The Chinese didnt respect them and belligerently continued to  turn over every boulder and stone all along each side of the Fraser River embankment  moving north up to Quenel and Barkerville. All the people who lived alongside of the Fraser River will tell you they robbed most of the gold and jade and shipped it all off to Mainland china in coffins...the true story!

Kitsilano, a middle class neighbourhood in Vancouver B.C., Canada, has a problem. Not a problem for its community leaders or residents, but rather for a local university professor by the name of Henry S. Yu.

Dr. Yu, professor of history at University of British Columbia, believes Kitsilano is "too white." According to an article written for the Vancouver Sun, Yu believes an abundance of Caucasians within a Canadian neighbourhood is a bad thing. His rationale for this premise is that Canada's social history is one of white supremacy, and therefore the mere existence of a Canadian neighbourhood with a Caucasian majority is an injustice.

Incredible as it may seem, Dr. Yu's theories on Canadian history are supported by UBC administration, who have done nothing to curtail his unorthodox teachings. In reality, however, this situation should come as less of a surprise than one would imagine, as Canadian universities have over the past several decades developed into bastions of anti-Caucasian sentiment.

To label as 'white supremacists' a country which in recent decades has maintained the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world, as well as one which includes constitutionally-guaranteed social equality, is nothing short of absurd.

How strange this is. Since when did Canada become a country that sanctions discrimination not only against the founding peoples of our nation, but also their modern-day descendants?

In short, the answer is 1988--the year "multiculturalism" became official Canadian policy. It was this piece of legislation which legitimized the only socially acceptable form of racism in Canada-- the ability to denigrate and disparage Canadians of European heritage-- also known as white people. [WASP's]

Few Canadian citizens, if any, have mined this more than Henry Yu. To label as white supremacists a country which in recent decades has maintained the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world, as well as one which includes constitutionally-guaranteed social equality, is nothing short of absurd.

Ironically, for his efforts, Dr. Yu has been on the receiving end of government grants worth well over a million dollars. Who knew reverse-racism could be so profitable? Furthermore, after a formal complaint was submitted to UBC administration regarding a breach of the university's discrimination policy, the unhinged professor is still at work delivering his personal brand of vitriol against white Canadians.

What conclusions can one draw from this? In truth, if Yu's hostile diatribe was directed at any identifiable community other than 'White Canadians', the response would be one of collective outrage, and the professor would be given his walking papers post-haste.

All this brings forth a most salient question-- why is overt prejudice against Canadians of European heritage the only socially and academically acceptable form of racism in Canada?

The irony continues-- Canadians of European origin are the descendants of those who established the freedoms which provide historical revisionists like Henry Yu with a platform to deliver his "diseased" agenda. Obviously, these freedoms do not exist in Pakistan, China, or any other of the nations which presently serve as Canada's major sources of immigrants.

Speaking of China-- the nation of Dr. Yu's family lineage-- it is interesting to note the professor has not accorded this country with a "Chinese Supremacist" label. Why the double standard? After all, according to Yu's brand of logic, Iran must surely be an "Iranian Supremacist" nation, and India an "Indo-Supremacist" nation. Obviously, Dr. Yu's particular brand of supremacy is reserved for nations founded and populated by white people.

More curious claims by the UBC professor abound. According to this academic [Beijing clarion] illusionist, Canada's language policies are also white supremacist. Apparently, Professor Yu hasn't spent much time away from his office. One wonders if he has ever travelled beyond Kitsilano, to the local municipality of Richmond, B.C. If he did, he would discover a community in conflict over a proliferation of Chinese language advertising and public signage. In fact, the situation has become so topical, so heated, so divisive, that reporters from as far away as Japan have written about what B.C. Premier Christy Clark calls "the most Asian city outside of Asia." Hardly a bastion of linguistic white supremacy, to say the least. Then again, logic has never been a strong point for Henry Yu and others intent on belittling and shaming Canadians of European heritage into submission.

Vilifying whites, condemning "traditional" neighbourhoods, false accusations of ethnic supremacy, historical revisionism-- these activities are all in a day's work for Dr. Henry S. Yu. Given the state of socialist political correctness [aka/The UN] within Canadian society-- arguably at its apex with the recent election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau-- it is entirely possible Dr. Yu will live out his days as Canada's "poster-boy" of academically sanctioned reverse-racism.

by David Fiddes

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