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The quiet takeover of America [including Canada] by China

The quiet takeover of America [including Canada] by China

Publication date: 10-09-2016

Every year hundreds of billions of dollars leave the rapidly emptying Treasury of the United States and funneling to China. This considerable redistribution of material resources has led to dramatic consequences for both countries, according to
In China, it has caused an economic boom, and in the United States - the economic downturn. Chinese loans to US government, worth more than $ 1 trillion. played a role in this situation. In fact, the Chinese government quietly took possession of frighteningly powerful leverage over the American economy.
In addition, the Chinese started buying up companies, real estate and natural resources throughout the United States. Not surprisingly, if the ultimate goal of the Chinese will be the introduction in the United States.
So how the Chinese are being introduced in the United States? Just. Currently, the Chinese Central Bank is drafting a plan to create "economic development zones" on U.S. soil. This will allow Chinese companies to open retail outlets and bring its citizens to the USA for work. This can be achieved by converting some of the money that America owes China into equity.
In North America there are already areas that are experiencing this "Chinese infiltration", Richmond, suburb of Vancouver (Canada), is the most "Asian" city in North America. Fifty percent of its residents are Chinese. In Michigan, a group called "Sino-Michigan Properties LLC" has purchased 200 acres of land near the town of Milan to build what they call "China town". In Idaho, a Chinese company called "SINOMACH" is interested in the arrangement of a 50 square mile self-sustaining technological areas South of the Boise airport.
The Chinese company is also considering buying land in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania with the purpose of establishing research bases and industrial parks. In addition to buying up American land, Chinese shipping companies also gain important ports in long beach (California) and Boston.
Huge trade deficit and growing national debt of America is not much help to solve the described problem. According to the economic policy Institute (IEP) each year the Chinese is about half a million American jobs. Thus, while the us economy suffers, China is becoming richer and richer.
If no action is taken that will allow US to change course, debt will continue to grow, and the number of jobs to decline. Chinese companies will continue to buy land in the US, yet in the end, we will find that Americans work for the Chinese government, not the American company.
You can't blame the Chinese for what they achieve their goals, but you need to blame yourself for something that we don't seek their. Spread this information to contact members of Congress. Demand from your leaders of change, ask them to restore America. Send this article to your representative in the U.S. Congress, and ten of your friends and ask them to do the same!

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