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Fake beggars on Melbourne’s streets flown in from China

Fake beggars on Melbourne’s streets flown in from China

Fake Chinese beggars cried when police busted a sophisticated syndicate on Melbourne’s streets that was targeting Australians. 5, 20192:17PM

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Video emerges of organised beggars' in Melbourne CBD
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Footage shared on Reddit has been described as an 'organised syndicate of fake beggars'

Beggars on street corners around Melbourne are allegedly part of a sophisticated syndicate whose members are flown from China to fleece members of the public.
Victoria Police, accompanied by Melbourne City Council staff and Salvation Army workers, confronted beggars on busy intersections around the CBD on Monday and Tuesday.
Seven people were charged with begging-related offences and possessing property suspected of being the proceeds of crime. An amount of cash was also seized. first reported the scam in June after video emerged online showing a female beggar being spooked by a member of the public filming her.
In the footage, she gestures to the man to leave her alone before taking her belongings and leaving.
A woman, pictured in a video last month on, was allegedly part of the scam. Picture: Jason Edwards
A woman, pictured in a video last month on, was allegedly part of the scam. Picture: Jason EdwardsSource:News Corp Australia

Moments later, in an adjacent alley, a second woman sees the camera and immediately picks up her things and walks away.
Ricky Liu, who shared the video on Reddit, told the fake beggars had been targeting Melburnians on Elizabeth Street and near Melbourne Central for more than six months.
A Victoria Police spokeswoman told the “enhanced community reassurance operation” was conducted to “enforce legislation” relating to people taking advantage “of the good will in our city”.
“While the majority of people begging in Melbourne are vulnerable and in need, there are a small number of professional beggars who target the CBD from time to time,” she said.
The Herald Sun captured images of the beggars breaking down as police confronted them and confiscated their takings. Many were carrying Chinese passports and tourist visas.
Police confiscated large amounts of cash. Picture: Jason Edwards
Police confiscated large amounts of cash. Picture: Jason EdwardsSource:News Corp Australia

Deputy Mayor Arron Wood told the Herald Sun he had never seen anything like it.
“It was unlike anything I’ve seen on Melbourne streets before, particularly the ‘head down on pavement’ right in the middle of intersections,” he said.
“Something just didn’t seem right, and that’s proven to be true with this joint ­operation between the police and council.”
Victoria Police last month said it was important Melburnians felt safe.
“We know this behaviour can result in the public feeling anxious or unsafe, particularly if the person begging is acting aggressively. Victoria Police continually tasks resources to enforce legislation relating to this behaviour and provide community reassurance,” a spokeswoman told
A woman breaks down while being escorted by police. Picture: Jason Edwards
A woman breaks down while being escorted by police. Picture: Jason EdwardsSource:News Corp Australia

In 2015, a study shared by the ABC found some professional beggars were earning up to $400 a day.
The study, conducted by the Salvation Army, found nine out of 135 beggars interviewed admitted to being professionals.
“We had one person indicate to us that he was raising in the vicinity of $300 to $400 a day or an evening and he was doing that on a regular basis,” Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle said.
“That was about six days a week, and so he saw that as a very profitable way of earning income.”
The Victorian Council of Social Services CEO Emma King told that “if (beggars are fake) … then that’s an insult to Melburnians and an affront to those genuinely without a home”.

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