Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Red China to Invade North America Taking Land as Payment for Funding US Debt

Red China 

to Invade North

America Taking

Land as Payment

for Funding US


By Eric Jon Phelps March 1, 2011

Since the Jesuit Order’s Peoples Republic of China holds the bulk of US Treasury Bills, just how are these bills going to be exchanged for real wealth (land and labor)?  The answer: military invasion, removal of the American squatters on Chinese land via mass executions, enslavement of physically fit workers, imposed prostitution of White American women, and then the possession of at least two thirds of North America.  The land “tents” of Shem (Genesis 9:27), criminally occupied by the White sons of Japheth for the last 100 years (due to the Black Pope’s evil 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the murderous, thieving Indian Wars of the West (led by Roman Catholic General Philip Sheridan—the bosom friend of Jesuit Pierre De Smet!) from 1865 to 1890, is to be returned to the sons of Shem.  But the sons of Shem about to possess the land are not descendants of the Shemitic American Indians; they are the Shemitic Red Chinese all of which enjoy a common race, a common language, a common culture—and a common hatred for Americans.  The Japanese and Koreans will be with their Chinese masters, they too to exact vengeance for the theft, rape and murder perpetrated upon their wives and daughters by primarily Black American servicemen for the last 60 years.  And they will enjoy every moment of that payback! As your Editor has stated for the last ten years, North America will be invaded by a Sino-Soviet-Muslim Coalition once our military is betrayed by the CFR-controlled Joint Chiefs of Staff and defeated during its two or even three-front war.  The Black Pope’s Federal Reserve Bank, deliberately headed by a Masonic Jew, Ben Bernanke, has indebted the American people to our enemies, the Communist Red Chinese, “Papal Court Jew” Ben Bernanke continuing this policy of massive indebtedness (as did his brother“Papal Court Jew” Alan Greenspan) on orders of his White Gentile Jesuit masters at Georgetown University.

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